Tarja Titan: A Terrian Chronicles Novel by TC Marti Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A young woman seeking to find others like herself discovers the school of elementals she just joined will show her how different she is even among her fellow elementals, and two dark factions will rise in response in author TC Marti’s “Tarja Titan”, the first book in The Terrian Chronicles series. 


The Synopsis

Abused and neglected for nearly a decade, Tarja Titan always longed for a home…

But she didn’t anticipate the reception she’d receive upon her return to a world she thought only existed in fiction.

Tarja has always been different. And when she enrolls in Celestial University of the Northeast, she’s elated to mingle with other Elementals, a race of supernaturals with the ability to control one of the nine elements.

Problem is, Tarja’s different even among Elemental standards. It was something she neither anticipated nor wanted, but if she refuses to seek out her calling, TWO dark factions will rise.

This isn’t your classic good v. evil; something Tarja learns the hard way.

The Review

Immediately, from the book’s first pages, I was struck by the idea that this book was a cross between Cinderella, The Magicians, and A conspiracy thriller! The unique world-building and mythos were complimented by the author’s ability to capture the heart of the narrative and highlight the complex reality of life, showing that things are not always about good vs evil, but are far more often found in the shades of grey that surround us all. 

The magic, abilities, and setting of the story in this alternative history of our own world were a great vehicle for the author’s incredible character development. Tarja Titan was a brilliant protagonist, becoming the heart and soul of the story and representing the outsider who would become pivotal to a centuries-long battle so ideally. I loved her relationship with Braden Hawk, her godbrother who saves her from the torment she was living in to start of the novel. The mystery surrounding her backstory and the events that brought her such infamy among Elemental society was so fun and engaging to dive into, and the author’s pacing was perfect for bringing this part of her story to life at just the right speed. 

The Verdict

Captivating, entertaining, and mind-blowing, author TC Marti’s “Tarja Titan: A Terrian Chronicles Novel” is the perfect first chapter in a brand new metaphysical and magical realism alt-history series. The mixture of mystery, suspense, magic, school life, and shadowy organizations was amazing to see unfold on the pages of this book, and the shocking twist ending that leaves other character’s fates hanging in the balance will drive readers back into the series and eager to read book two. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

TC Marti has been an avid reader/writer for over three decades. He is the author of the Elementals Universe, a shared speculative fiction universe spanning multiple series. He is also a workout fanatic, and a fan of Arizona sports teams.


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