The Lessons of History – Observed: Change Your Context – Change Your Life by Jim Giombetti Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Author Jim Giombetti takes readers through the moments throughout history that leaders and thought-driven individuals can learn from and apply to our modern problems in his book, “The Lessons of History – Observed: Change Your Context – Change Your Life”. 


The Synopsis

How well do you understand the rise and decline of nations?

Do you understand the realities of the millennial generation as we know it?

What is the sociology behind why nations fail?

What events influenced the survival of the human condition?

How should political leaders be assessed?

The eye of the world is in pages of history and, without knowledge of the past, it becomes difficult to understand the current global chaos. Author Jim Giombetti explores the nooks and crannies of historical politics in ‘Lessons of History – Observed, Change Your Context – Change Your Life.’

Have we uncovered reality if we are still in the shadows of evolution? What do we know about life without history? Beyond the essentialism of history, the ultimate purpose of ‘Lessons of History – Observed, Change Your Context – Change Your Life‘ is to help the reader realize the truth of problem-solving. This book promises to take you on a journey to cut out barriers in getting things done and understanding international relations.

As a thought leader with in-depth knowledge of history, the writer creates well-defined concepts in chapters offering guidance into navigating global chaos. With every paragraph and every last word in this book, he explains that everything is an argument in the human condition. And by exploring knowledge in history, you can get to the very core of designing your life -and the world at large.

Learn about the world’s present state through the lenses of history and practical truths in ‘Lessons of History – Observed, Change Your Context – Change Your Life‘ by Jim Giombetti. Knowledge gives power to those who seek it, and with this book, you can gain the information to save your world.

Uncover the golden secrets of history to solve global problems and navigate international relations in author Jim Giombetti’s newest book!

The Review

This was such a fascinating read. The author did a great job of striking a balance between the history and lessons that those historical moments and the more personal and intimate moments from the author’s life. What is so great about this balance is that the history and lessons showcase the context of the book itself and the research that went into developing this read, while the more personal moments the author puts in the showcase the impact these lessons have had on his own experiences and shows the expertise that developed as a result.

The fast pace of the book and the inspirational tone that the author strikes were great motivators when delving into this read. The world we live in now can be quite morose and painful to observe, filled with racism, sexism, gun violence, and so much more. The authors can relate to some of these issues like climate control and racism and use history as a springboard to look at how learning from the past was truly moving. Learning early on about the difference between stoicism and epicureanism was fascinating to see as well, and definitely allowed me to open my mind up to new ways to observe history as a whole.

The Verdict

Those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. At least according to Philosopher George Santayana, that is the case, and author James Giombetti’s “The Lessons of History – Observed” is a brilliant, engaging, and thought-provoking journey into this lesson. The history buff in me was so interested in this subject matter, and the use of both ancient history and more modern history was great to see play out in this self-help motivational read. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

James Giombetti, Author of The Lessons of History – ObservedJames Giombetti, known to his friends as Jim or Babe, was raised in the hills of beautiful northeastern Pennsylvania in the small town of Jessup. As an international business executive, Jim developed an insatiable desire to understand complex systems with a passion and vision for resolving global supply-chain issues. His unique skills typically apply new ideas and approaches to complex problems using simplicity in design. In The Lessons of History – Observed, Jim explores historical events and how these seemingly unrelated historical events are the root cause of today’s unresolved complex problems. He uses Will and Ariel Durant’s seminal work, The Lessons of History, as a framework to share his observations. Jim considers his wife Barbara and family to be most important to him. If he isn’t spending time with Barb or their family, you can bet he is with Beane, his loyal companion: a dead grass Chesapeake Bay retriever. The Lessons of History – Observed is Jim’s first book. Keep in touch with Jim via the web: 



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