Lethal Keystrokes by John D. May Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A group of people who feel wronged by the world seeks their revenge, and one group of people must stop them before it’s too late in author John D. May’s “Lethal Keystrokes”. 


The Synopsis

America’s vulnerability is its hidden fanatics, those individuals who harbor fury, grief and a driving desire for revenge. While blending in with their neighbors, co-workers and customers, they plot the demise of their country. They have a network. They have resources. And they have the courage to make it happen.

Lethal Keystrokes is the gripping story of a small group of revenge seekers and those who try to keep America safe.

The Review

This was a truly captivating thriller. The author did a great job of layering the narrative with characters that kept the novel’s story intense and entertaining, and yet also brought an emotional depth and human angle that allowed readers to either recognize or identify with. The tension and fast-paced atmosphere and the story itself left me as a reader hanging off of the author’s every word, enthralled by the twists and turns the story took.

Yet in this book, it was the theme and setting that really brought this thriller to the forefront of the reader’s mind. The exploration of modern technology and our dependence on it both as individuals and as a society was remarkably felt through this novel, as the threats and high stakes of the novel really put our dependence on technology for so many aspects of our lives into a whole new perspective. The modern era has presented a host of new challenges to face, and the genre the author explores allowed these characters to feel much more relevant and alive on the page.

The Verdict

Heart-pounding, thoughtful, and entertaining, author John D. May’s “Lethal Keystrokes” is a must-read techno-thriller novel! The action and suspense of the novel will thrust readers into the 21st century with a vengeance, and the emotional chords the backstories and characters bring to the narrative give the heart that this modern thriller needed to keep readers invested throughout this novel. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

John D. May was born in London, Ontario. He has balanced multiple passions over his life, including his work as a biologist, his career as a physician, his volunteer service at medical outreach clinics in Guatemala, singer-songwriting, and storytelling. He has written several songs for well-known Canadian artists and released two CDs, available on iTunes and Spotify under the name Johnny May. His time is divided between his rural farm property near Toronto and the south of France.



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