The Execution (The Mimosa Tales Book Two) by Linda Thackeray Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A ruthless baron seeking vengeance for his nephew’s execution goes after an innocent woman, and the law bringers who brought his nephew to justice must fight to protect her in author Linda Thackeray’s “The Execution”, the second book in The Mimosa Tales series!


The Synopsis

An innocent woman fearing for her life

A marshal trying to prevent her murder.

No one is safe when cattle baron William Cahill, enraged at the execution of his nephew Carlton, vows to take revenge on those responsible, especially Judge Evan Davis who delivered Carlton’s sentence. Judge Davis is going to suffer, and so is his widowed daughter-in-law, Holly.

Already foiled by Marshal Kris Jensen once before, this time Cahill finds sets into motion a wicked plan for vengeance..

Cahill wants his pound of flesh, and he wants anyone who stands in his way dead.

Can Kris and his men save Holly from her fate?

The Review

This was a brilliant follow-up to the author’s first book in the series. The author’s ability to capture the raw tension and gritty nature of the old west is without equal as this book shows. The author does a great job of following up on the world she crafted in her first book, taking readers into the town of Mimosa as it now begins to adjust to having some law and order thanks to Kris and his band of heroes. The harrowing journey the narrative takes the cast of characters on is so much more personal this time around, bringing new threats both on the outside and from within into the group.

The character growth highlighted this personal danger in the novel. The threat to Holly helped elevate the personal growth of Kris and Holly as characters, showing their chemistry and strength both on their own and together. The personal journey of Flynn was also deeply emotional, as he found love in his life and discovered a threat that threatened to undo him. The tension that built as a result of this threat amongst the group really did a great job of adding tension to the overall narrative.

The Verdict

Heartfelt, shocking, and heart-pounding, author Linda Thackeray’s “The Execution” is a brilliant action western and the perfect addition to The Mimosa Tales series. The brilliant storytelling and fast pace of action kept readers on the edge of their seats, and the personalization of the threat and the motivations of the villains of this tale made readers more emotionally connected to this novel and the characters. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Born in a village in Malaysia and delivered by underpaid midwife, and Ann, an irritable new mother (who wouldn’t be after 48 hours in labour?), X was named by a deranged grandmother with too much creativity for her own good. Once out of her pain-induced stupor, Ann decided to give her new daughter a proper middle name to avoid the risk of being put into a home later in life.

And so, she was called Linda.

Linda was an unremarkable child, save a few notable incidents, the discovery that a pot lid is not a substitute for Wonder Woman’s tiara (five stitches), four-year old don’t need to shave (no stitches but lots of toilet paper) and utility truck drivers are not necessarily qualified operators of their vehicles (seventy stitches).

At eight, Linda received religious enlightenment when she saw Star Wars at the Odeon Theatre and hence began her writing career.

For many years, the cages of various pets in the Thackeray household were littered with pages from Linda’s scribblings. Subjects usually ranged from whatever science fiction show was on television or at the movies. There was lots of Star Wars.

At 17, Linda moved to Sydney, Australia and was disappointed it was not occupied by Paul Hogan types with big knives and croc skin jackets but pot-bellied blokes with zinc cream and terry towel hats. Linda’s father (also known as that bloke who buys me stuff to piss mum off when she’s mad at him) settled in the town of Young, a community of 6000 people with no movie theatre.

Linda survived this period in the wilderness by raising kangaroos and writing original works but eventually got saddled down with the necessities of life and though she continued to write, work came first. Work, HBO, comic books and rent. It’s a kaleidoscope.

Even the kangaroos left out of boredom.

In 2014, Linda decided to start writing seriously again. Mostly because Australia’s strict gun laws make it very difficult to ‘go postal’ in the workplace. Moving to Woy Woy, which is Aboriginal for ‘Big Water’, she’s dipped her toes into the Indie pool and found she needs a pedicure. Her books are labours of love and championed by her friends on Facebook.

Eventually Creativia Publishers, appalled by Linda’s inability to conduct any marketing, offered to publish her books out of sheer exasperation.

Supported by two cats named Newt and Humphrey, she spends her days trying to write novels while having unclean thoughts about Michael Fassbender and Jason Statham, sometimes together.


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