Olympian Heartbreak (Olympian Love Book 2) by Andrya Bailey Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A young woman grapples with the passion and emotions of a whirlwind romance as mystery and intrigue force her to make a choice in author Andrya Bailey’s “Olympian Heartbreak”, the second book in the Olympian Love series.


The Synopsis

This is the sequel to Olympian Passion and not a stand-alone book.

Sabrina found out that Nikos returned to Greece with Maggie and is heartbroken until a surprising invitation to go to Athens gives her hope. Once she reconnects with him, their passion grows stronger.

Nikos takes her to the most romantic places around Athens and even invites her to travel to a newly-discovered archaeological site. Her insecurities increase when she learns he’s hiding a secret from his past, but his friends advise her to be patient if she really loves him.

Their passionate week is suddenly interrupted when Nikos is faced with a tragic situation. Will she make the ultimate sacrifice to help him?

The Review

The author crafted a truly passionate and heartfelt read. The audience will definitely benefit from having read the first book in this series, as several plot lines and characters carry over directly from the first book in this series. The intensity and heat that the more adult and romantic scenes play out will instantly hook romance readers, while the history and culture of this book’s setting (Athens) will add more depth and worldliness to the series and the characters as a whole. 

The character development was crucial to this novel’s main thread plotline. The mixture of fear and hope that runs throughout Sabrina is so palpable, as she feels drawn ever closer to this mysterious and tragically closed-off man, all while she struggles with not only his feelings for her, but the interference of Maggie and the mystery of Nikos and his family as the story progresses. The balance this strikes with Nikos and his reluctance to accept love into his heart, and the hints at past heartbreak and betrayal really settle in the emotional side of this male protagonist in a new and illustrious way.

The Verdict

Mesmerizing, heartbreaking, yet passionately written, author Andrya Bailey’s “Olympian Heartbreak” is a fantastic sequel and the perfect addition to the Olympian Love series. The perfect balance of tense atmospheric buildup between romantic partners and detailed and thoughtful story development made this a true standout and a must-read for fans of romance and drama. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10 


About the Author

Andrya Bailey is an award-winning contemporary romance writer. She enjoys traveling and visiting museums and historical landmarks where she can learn about art and history, which she usually incorporates into her stories. She loves to write love stories with strong alpha males and exotic scenarios – after all, what better romance fantasy is there?

Olympian Passion, the first book in the Olympian Love trilogy, has received a 5-star seal from Readers’ Favorite and is the 2016 New Apple Literary-book Contemporary Romance – Solo Medalist winner. Olympian Heartbreak, the second book, is a 2018 New Apple Literary “official selection” in the romance category.

Follow her Facebook page to find out more at facebook.com/andryabailey and on Twitter: @andyb0810.

Sign up for her newsletter: eepurl.com/dgdaqD

Website: andryabailey.com


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