Sisters in the Storm by Linda Hoff Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Author Linda Hoff helps parents, in particular, mothers, who must take on the painful task of caring for their adult children as they develop a terrible mental illness and navigates the rough waters that journey will take them on in her book, “Sisters in the Storm”.


The Synopsis

What do you do when your adult child receives a frightening and severe mental illness diagnosis that is progressive and incurable-and barely manageable? How do you support him or her without losing your own self to the disease? Sisters in the Storm is your coping tool. Written with love and extreme vulnerability, author Linda Hoff shares her journey of being a mom of a mentally ill adult child (MIAC) and guides you to navigate this rough road as only a seasoned veteran can.

The problems are numerous and never-ending: problems of finances, of living arrangements, of medication management, of medical authority, of your own mental equilibrium-and the issues of your breaking heart as you lose your formerly capable, enthusiastic child to the downward spiral of an incurable mental disease.

But you are not alone. You’re part of a sisterhood of mothers who are trudging the road together, supporting each other along the way, and emerging as changed but strong. Strong in their commitment to their child and strong in their commitment to themselves. Strong in their resolve to help their child and strong in their resolve to live their own full life. You are sisters-sisters in the storm. 

The Review

This was such an emotional and heart-wrenching yet hopeful read. The author does such an incredible job of delving into the heart of the journey that people take when caring for an adult child suffering from mental health awareness. The honesty and heart for which the author writes pour through on every page, and the way each chapter is crafted to take the reader through each stage of this process, no matter how painful, really showcases the author’s personal approach to the subject and the way in which readers are able to relate to this topic.

The thing that struck me the most was the author’s unique perspective. Rather than getting a professional psychologist’s POV or getting a more clinical approach to the topic, readers are treated to an honest, heart-to-heart conversation between a mother and the readers out there who need to hear this amazing author’s words. While not a parent, I am all too familiar with the effect mental health can have on both the people we love the most and those around them, and reading the author’s words and their experience with this topic was something that was not only identifiable but emotionally connective as well.

The Verdict

A memorable, tragic, yet emotionally connected and engaging read, author Linda Hoff’s “Sisters in the Storm” is a must-read book on mental health awareness and the journey parents must take to seek help for and care for their adult children suffering from said illness. The focus not only on caring for her child but finding a way of caring for herself and finding a way back to finding her new normal in life was a breath of fresh air in regards to this topic, and the emotional and heartfelt journey chronicled here is something readers will not want to miss. Be sure to grab your copy on May 1st, 2022! 

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Not only has Linda Hoff survived the storm, she has created a life of balance, joy, and purpose for herself and her mentally ill adult child (MIAC.) In her debut book, Sisters in the Storm, Linda shares her struggles, heartache, and lessons learned over the last ten years as she navigated through her son’s unexpected schizophrenia diagnosis. Linda shares a home on the outskirts of Saint Louis, Missouri with a friend and fellow mom of a MIAC, two dogs, and two cats. She visits her son regularly and loves to spend time in nature, traveling, reading, and enjoying time with her four grandchildren.


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