United Vidden by Fern Brady Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A young woman seeking her destiny as a ruler runs off when her rights as heir to the throne are forfeited, and upon returning to her planet she discovers a land ravaged by war and hostility in author Fern Brady’s “United Vidden”. 


The Synopsis 

Shattered by her father’s decision to deny her the throne as the first female heir of Dravidia, Princess Verena makes the worst mistake of her life: She runs away. Her departure, days before her wedding to the heir of the Principality of Aulden, throws her nation into war. In a desperate bid to reverse the consequences of her choice, the princess returns to planet Jorn, anxious to prove herself worthy to rule. But it is too late. The princess finds her kingdom conquered by Prince Amiel ra Aulden. Now, Verena must earn back her birthright as well as the trust of her people.

The Review

This was an incredibly wonderful blend of science fiction and fantasy storytelling. The old world politics and fiery intensity between the ruling figures spoke to classic fantasy storytelling, while they travel between planets, and the exploration of how “Earth” has influenced other worlds in the universe was pure sci-fi through and through. The richness of the mythos the author has crafted here and the natural fusion of these two genres are an immediate plus for newcomers to this author’s work. 

The character development was complex and rich to take in. The raw emotions of Verena and her journey as she fights for what she believes is her birthright, then quickly grow as a fighter and a ruler who will do anything to set things right, makes this story shine so brightly. The complex relationship she has with the Prince is both heated and passionate in an intricate way, and the exploration of politics in such a grand arena as this story is amazing to read. 

The Verdict

Exhilarating, entertaining, and thoughtful in its approach, author Fern Brady’s “United Vidden” is a must-read epic sci-fi fantasy read that is impossible to put down. The gripping narrative and haunting nature of Verena’s path in this book highlight the action and romance that lace the intricate layers of this wonderfully woven narrative. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Fern Brady is the founder and CEO of Inklings Publishing. She holds multiple Masters degrees and several certifications. She began her professional life as a foreign correspondent, taught for 15 years in Alief ISD, and is a full-time Realtor in Houston. She has published numerous short stories, two children’s picture books, and a couple of poems. Her debut novel, United Vidden, which is book one in her Thyrein’s Galactic Wall Series, released in 2020 along with her graphic novel/novella hybrid New Beginning. She is the current president of the Houston Writers Guild, with whom she served in that capacity previously, and is on the board of Authorology. Besides being Municipal Liaison for Nanowrimo Houston, she is also a member of American Book Publishers Association as well as of Blood Over Texas and Romance Writers of America. She lives in Houston, TX, with her parents and her talkative husky, Arya. Follow Fern’s writing at: www.fernbrady.com


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