Kwelengsen Storm: Logan’s World, Book One by David M. Kelly Review Due

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A brutal attack on a lone settlement on an alien world leaves one man struggling for survival and fighting against a powerful enemy in author David M. Kelly’s “Kwelengsen Storm: Logan’s World, Book One”.


The Synopsis

You can turn your back on war, but sometimes it refuses to let you go.

When Logan Twofeathers takes on the job of head of engineering on Kwelengsen, the first habitable planet discovered by Earth, he thinks he’s leaving conflict far behind. But when he investigates the loss of a deep-space communications relay, his ship is attacked and crash-lands back on the planet.

With his new home destroyed by the invaders, Logan is stranded deep in the frozen mountains with an injured sergeant who hates him almost as much as the enemy. Against the ever-present threat of capture, he must battle his way through icy surroundings in a treacherous attempt to find his wife.

And when he’s forced to ally himself with a disparate group of soldiers and their uncompromising captain, Logan must face the reality that he may have lost everything—and everyone—he loves. Will he choose to fight? And what will it cost him?

Kwelengsen Storm is the first in a gripping, new sci-fi thriller series from the author of the Joe Ballen novels.

The Review

This gritty and captivating sci-fi read was so engaging from the outset. The balance of sci-fi action with emotional storytelling was perfect to read. When an invasion story takes place, the sci-fi narrative focuses on Earth as the invaded world, but it was so refreshing to see this alien world become the home that was being fought over, and the “invaders” were a lot more similar to the people of the settlement than most invasion narratives. 

The author really did an excellent job of crafting a narrative that felt vibrant and alive while developing such a rich protagonist that readers could root for while feeling the emotional depth of their plight. Logan Twofeathers is a fantastic character that helps explore some of the novel’s deeper themes, from the impact of violence on a person’s mind, the need for hope in desperate situations, and the harm that comes from those who cannot look beyond the things that keep people divided. 

The Verdict

An incredibly well-written, entertaining, and brilliant piece of deep sci-fi reading, author David M. Kelly’s “Kwelengsen Storm” is a must-read novel. The perfect start to Logan’s World Series, the novel pushes the protagonist to his limits and highlights the weight that survival can bring to a person. The action and suspense surrounding the reason behind this invasion will have readers on the edge of their seats, and by the book’s final pages, the cliffhanger ending will leave readers desperate for more. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

David M. Kelly writes fast-paced, near-future sci-fi thrillers with engaging characters, cynical humor, and (mostly!) plausible science. He is the author of the Joe Ballen series (Mathematics of Eternity, Perimeter, Transformation Protocol, and Intersection), the Logan’s World series, and the Hyperia Jones sci-fi humor series.

David’s interest in science and technology began early. At the age of six his parents allowed him to stay up late into the night to watch the television broadcast of Neil Armstrong stepping on to the surface of the moon. From that day he was hooked on everything related to science and space.

An avid reader, he worked his way through the contents of the mobile library that visited his street, progressing through YA titles (or ‘juveniles’ as they were known back then) on to the classics of Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, and Harry Harrison.

David worked for many years in project management and software development. Along the way his interests have included IPSC combat (target) pistol shooting, crew chief on a drag racing team, and several years as bass player/vocalist in a heavy rock band. He also managed to fit in some real work in manual jobs from digging ditches and work on production lines to loading trucks in a haulage company.

Originally from the wild and woolly region of Yorkshire, England, David emigrated to Canada in 2005 and settled in Northern Ontario with his patient and supportive wife, Hilary. Foot surgery in 2014 temporarily curtailed many of his favourite activities – hiking, camping, piloting his own personal starfighter (otherwise known as a Corvette ZR-1). But on the plus side, it meant a transition from the world of IT into life as a full-time writer—an opportunity he grasped enthusiastically.

David is passionate about science, especially astronomy and physics, and is a rabid science news follower. Never short of an opinion, David writes about science and technology on his blog He has supported various charity projects such as the Smithsonian’s Reboot The Suit and the Lowell Observatory Pluto Telescope Restoration. He also contributes to citizen science projects such as SETI@home.


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