After Io by Elliot Wink Review

A routine mining expedition turns deadly and the fight for survival turns friends into foes in author Elliot Wink’s sci-fi novel, “After Io”, the first in the Far Light series!


The Synopsis

Bryn Michaels is a pilot on the spaceship Persika and she has just killed her captain.

The crew of the Persika was hired to mine platinum ore on Io, but the simple job becomes complicated when their drill malfunctions. Although the crew agrees to head back to the space station with the job unfinished, they don’t make it far before something greater threatens the safety of the ship and its crew.

Bryn is determined to survive, but as she takes steps to ensure her rescue, she begins to wonder if the cost of survival is too great.

After Io is the first book in The Far Light Series by Elliott Wink.

The Review

The suspense and intrigue are felt immediately with the author’s very first sentence. The tension and haunting quality of the character development are prevalent as the opening chapter sets the stage for the direction the novel is going. The character growth was crucial to this novel’s narrative, as the closeness and emotional bond the captain has for her crew elevates the danger and sadness of the ship’s situation, while the fear and chilling nature of isolation in space and the need to survive make Bryn a tragic figure. 

The way the author leaned so heavily into the sci-fi genre was not only entertaining but was well-balanced with characters that were relatable and themes of survival that readers could become invested in. Forgoing any alien themes or more heavy AI-style sci-fi for well-developed characters and a narrative that could fit in any genre actually made the setting and tone of the sci-fi-themed story feel more vibrant and engaging to the reader.

The Verdict

Emotional, haunting, and captivating, author Elliot Wink’s “After Io” is a must-read sci-fi novel! The twists and turns in the novel that bring Bryn to the breaking point of killing her captain will have readers entranced, while the heartfelt bond the captain had with the crew will keep readers invested as the final pages play out. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

I’m a science fiction and fantasy writer with a day job. I’ve been teaching English for nearly a decade, so I spend my days analyzing writing with my students and my nights putting my own pen to paper.

I have a master’s in psychology and I find people fascinating, so I usually spend a lot of time in my characters’ heads. Whether that character is drifting through outer space, navigating through a dystopian future, or in another universe entirely, they are unlikely to escape the nature of the human condition when it comes to my stories. We are human, even when we are forging through the unknown.

I live with my very supportive husband and tri-color collie-pit mix in Northern California. When I’m not writing or watching movies, you might find me on the golf course or cooking elaborate, celiac-friendly meals.


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