Hospisophy by Danny Blorian Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

The emotional and spiritual journey that both patients and caregivers can undergo working and living within a hospice care situation can lead to times of contemplation and understanding, and in author Danny Blorian’s “Hospisophy”, the reader is treated to a series of personal experiences and stories from both the author’s work experience and the personal experiences of patients as relayed to him.


The Synopsis

Every man, and every woman, has a story – and stories beget wisdom.

Those who know their days are numbered gain a certain clarity that far exceeds the common knowledge we are often trapped in during the day to day.

From the clear, sober perspective of people who know they are no longer dealing with an uncertain future, but with how to cope with impending death and the meaning of the life they have led, a moving, insightful string of stories emerges, stories of deep, penetrating wisdom and life lessons under whose reflective light an individual can better live.

This book collects the life stories of men and women who have related them in the last days of their lives. Stories of people who felt unable to leave this world without their telling. They are short, illuminating stories about the variety of ways a life can be lived, and the various ways it is possible to prepare for death.

It is surprising how simple things can appear to be when exposed to the core, and this is true of the stories in this book. All can be read from a healthy sense of curiosity, from a need to look into other people’s lives, as well as a guide to use to avoid all those missed opportunities in life, the crossroads where so many of us take a wrong turn.

The Review

This was such an emotional and heartfelt read. The author takes an inspirational and grounded approach to a very sensitive and emotional part of a lot of people’s lives. Whether it is the reader who finds themselves nearing this point in their own lives or the reader who has a loved one enduring this moment themselves, the book speaks to everyone and delves into the human condition in a raw and real way. 

Yet it is the way the author and the people he spoke with and shared their stories use these emotional moments and memories they share to inspire the reader. Delving into five areas under the subject known as “Regrets” in the book, each story and experience the author shares deals with an important life lesson that the author hopes will encourage others to take advantage of the life they have left and do the most with it. The writing was compelling and did a great job balancing storytelling with establishing an emotional connection between the reader and the subjects of this book. 


The Verdict

A memorable, honest, and emotionally-investing read, author Danny Blorian’s “Hospisophy” is must-read nonfiction and inspirational read. Exploring the concept of death itself and how it impacts life, the author does a phenomenal job of taking these personal and impactful stories from these patients and their families and showing readers how to live a life without regrets. A life fulfilled, and with a sense of purpose that otherwise may have gone unnoticed. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10

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