Jexter Bladebrace & The Exalted Kingdom by Jamie Smartkins Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

After a planetary disaster leaves only a handful of humans alive on a deserted island, an alien race comes and makes an alliance to save the survivors in author Jamie Smartkins’s “Jexter Bladebrace & The Exalted Kingdom”. 


The Synopsis

In the year 2080 AD, the asteroid Ominoulada strikes the Earth, shaking the planet.

Jexter Bladebrace finds himself stranded on an island. The spaceship Spectrovor arrives to help the Earthlings. Joining one hundred survivors on the island where Spectrovor lands, Jexter, Shelly and Mac try to prevent their island from sinking into the ocean.

The Spectropeans from Spectrovor suggest an alliance with the Earthlings, whereby they will save them by turning them into humphibians, a life form which can survive on land as well as in water. The humphibians take refuge in a sunken ship and learn to live on the demolished planet Earth, exploring and finding new places.

But when they find another planet, a reflection of the Earth, their lives take a drastic turn.

Can Jexter, Shelly and Mac salvage the future of the Earthlings?

The Review

This was a fast-paced and highly creative read! The author immediately set the tone of the narrative, spelling out the destruction of Earth and the diminishing odds of survival the last of humanity faced in the wake of a massive asteroid. The author did an incredible job of balancing out humor and wit with a beautiful amount of world-building and found the perfect chord of harmony between the fantasy and science fiction elements.

The character arcs did a great job of really delving into the relationships these survivors had with each other and the otherworldly visitors who helped save them. For such a short read, the author created characters that readers immediately cared for and helped elevate the narrative overall. The twists and turns the narrative took allowed for several of the main characters to take on alternate roles as the story progressed, almost as if watching a show where an actor took on multiple roles for the same project.

The Verdict

A refreshing, entertaining, and creative sci-fi and fantasy read, author Jamie Smartkins’s “Jexter Bladebrace & The Exalted Kingdom” is a must-read novel to kick off 2022! Although I personally would have loved to see some more time to delve into these characters’ backstories and the history of these fictional worlds the author created, the narrative flowed quickly and gave readers an incredible story to get lost in. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!



About the Author

Jamie Smartkins is the author of action adventure fantasy sci-fi book ‘Jexter Bladebrace & The Exalted Kingdom’. Jamie is an Indian science fiction writer, blogger and YouTuber. After having over a decade of experience in the software industry, he moved into the world of writing. He is also a voracious reader, music lover and winner of several quiz and dance competitions. Jamie started writing about fantasy stories as he believes creative art in any genre is the ultimate form of abstract science.

He loves studying astrology, palmistry and new foreign languages during his spare time.


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