Mine (A Deadly Sins Novel Book 3) by Rachael Tamayo Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A drunken night of debauchery in Vegas leads one man into a marriage he never wanted, and into a deadly world where no one is who they claim to be in author Rachael Tamayo’s “Mine”, the third book in the Deadly Sins series.


The Synopsis

What happens in Vegas just might kill you.

When divorcee Justin Gray wakes up next to a beautiful stranger in Vegas on his birthday weekend, he assumes it’s just a drunken mistake. When he discovers that he’s married to said stranger in her early twenties, he insists on an annulment and assumes his life will return to normal once he gets back home.

He assumes wrong.

As the shapely blonde refuses to give him an annulment and insists the marriage continue, what was a wild weekend turns into a deadly mistake.

Murder is only the beginning.

Get ready for a tale of greed so twisted you won’t know what’s on the next page or who anyone really is until the…




The Review

I was absolutely enthralled by this mystery. The narrative took so many twists and turns throughout the novel that everything readers suspected throughout the narrative would prove true for a while before another curveball completely changed the game forever. The way the author layered mystery upon mystery on top of one another kept the intrigue and suspense prevalent throughout the entirety of the novel, and the theme of truth versus lies really played a pivotal role in the story for all of these characters.

I loved seeing the character growth here, as many of the twists came from the revelation of these characters themselves. There were so many characters that kept so much mystery and underlying motives about them that the only characters who felt authentic throughout the novel were Justin and his daughter Abby, who became pawns in someone’s twisted game. The multiple POVs really enhanced the narrative and kept the mystery alive and well up until the final chapter of this novel.

The Verdict

Engaging, shocking, and absolutely gripping, author Rachael Tamayo’s “Mine” is a must-read suspense thriller of 2022. The twisted motivations and shocking revelations these characters share as the plot moves forward will keep readers on the edge of their seats, as will the shocking alliances and partnerships that arise from these revelations. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy on February 26th, 2022!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Rachael Tamayo is the Best-Selling Author of the Deadly Sins books, among several other titles. Including multiple award-winning and award-nominated titles. Former 911 operator, a twelve-year veteran with slight PTSD now pens psychological fiction. Her 911 service gave her a unique insight into mental illness, human behavior, and the choices humans make when faced with bad, bad things that she weaves into her characters and plots. 

The Houston, Texas native lives with her husband and their two children. 



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