Your Words, Your World by Louise Belanger Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A beautiful collection of poetry with an equally stunning pairing of photographs brings poet and author Louise Belanger’s poems of faith, love, and trust to life in the collection, “Your Words, Your World”.


The Synopsis

Poetry For Your Soul – Stunning Photographs

Zoom to Heaven

The most beautiful love poem

Where God is not there


A handful of cloud


During the night

These are some of the titles of the poetry you will read in this beautiful, inspiring collection complemented by captivating nature photographs.

Read poems about God and having a relationship with Him. Poems about trust, missing a loved one, childhood memories, Christmas, Heaven, Easter…

Other poems are lovely stories, the length of a page.

The poetry is easy to understand. It is for everyone whether poetry is your genre or not, you will enjoy it. 

The Review

This was a heartfelt and emotional blend of poetry and photography, bringing the warmth and heart of nature into the creative landscape the author created with each and every poem. The balance of storytelling with artistic imagery each poem evoked within the reader was great to read and stirred within us all the emotions that really resonated so strongly.

Now while I personally am not religious, I thought the author found a way of blending the underlying theme of faith in the poems with the more open-ended interpretations that others could gather from these poems, and made the narrative of these poems really shine brightly. Of course, those who are religious will absolutely love the call to faith and God that she brings to life, and the artistry with which her words flow is just brilliant to read. 

The Verdict

Mesmerizing, hauntingly beautiful, and thoughtful, author and poet Louise Belanger’s “Your Words, Your World” is a must-read book of poetry. The imagery and narrative-style poems will inspire and allow reflection for those who read them, and those who turn to faith will feel such a strong connection to this read. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

I am a Canadian poet and the author of Your Words and my new release: Your Words Your World.

Both books are beautiful and inspiring poems complemented by nature photographs.

I started writing poetry in the spring of 2020. Pouring my emotions on paper, describing beautiful scenery and stories that came to life in my head was quite new to me. With the encouragement and help from many friends, my dream became a reality.

I invite you to visit my website at


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