The Voyage of the Stingray by Richard Steinitz Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

An urgent mission off of the Iranian coast sends a new stealth nuclear submarine out into action suddenly, with a civilian left aboard the vessel, along with a group of Navy Seals, a mysterious agent, and the newly appointed Commander in charge of them all in author Richard Steinitz’s “The Voyage of the Stingray”. 


The Synopsis

A new type of stealthy nuclear submarine – the USS Stingray – is under development, and Commander Jeff Woodbridge has been assigned to command her. Shortly after its sea trials have been successfully concluded, Stingray is sent on an urgent mission. After leaving port, it is discovered that a young civilian is still on the ship, and cannot be sent home due to the mission’s urgency and secrecy.

A team of SEALs is picked up along the way, and when Stingray reaches the Iranian coast, they pick up a mysterious agent in the midst of a fire-fight. The Voyage of the Stingray is part “Hunt for Red October” and part “Midshipman Hornblower”, a book where mystery, suspense, and adventure all come together, in a tale that you will not want to put down.

The Review

This was such an intriguing and gripping thriller! The author did an amazing job of balancing the descriptive military workings of the novel’s setting aboard the submarine with the personal character developments and thoughtful approach to suspense and mystery that this narrative held. The way the author utilized the multiple perspective approach to the storytelling was so great to see, as a setting such as a submarine and anything involving the military often involves so many different working parts that to approach it any other way may have taken away from the growing mystery of this narrative. 

The very distinctive way the author was able to work into the story how the ship came to be made and the intricacies of constructing a submarine of this new type of capabilities were so well researched and developed within the confines of the narrative. It added to the intense imagery that the author deployed in this narrative, as did the amazing atmosphere that made this novel capture some of the intrigue and mystery that great 80’s military films surrounding the Cold War were known for.

The Verdict

A memorable, fast-paced, and character-driven narrative, author Richard Steinitz’s “The Voyage of the Stingray” is a must-read submarine and military suspense thriller! The action and suspense blended well with the character growth in this narrative, and the way the cast of characters became a great mixture of soldiers serving aboard a ship together to more of a family-unit style of storytelling was both heartwarming and engaging to read, and the exploration of morality versus military engagement from the ship’s new commander was so fascinating to read. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Richard Steinitz (b.1947) was born in New York to German Jewish immigrant parents, After four years at S.U.N.Y. at Buffalo, he moved to Israel where he has lived since then with his wife, Naomi. They have two children and two grandchildren.

As a 40+ year resident of Israel and veteran of more than 20 years service as a Medic in the Israeli Army Reserves, he was disappointed by the scarcity of books that paint a true picture of the Israel-Arab conflict. Many works of fiction presume to give an accurate description of the area and events, yet contain glaring errors of fact and even simple translation.

His first novel, Murder Over the Border, builds upon his intimate knowledge of the country, the people that live in and around it, and on the hopes and dreams of all the peoples of the region. It is a classic detective story, set in the turmoil of the Middle East Peace Process, and is available both in print [ISBN: 978-0692261828], and as a Kindle E-book.

Kaplan’s Quest, his second novel, is a journey of discovery – both personal and historical. It is an exciting tale with unexpected twists and revelations, "that will keep you enthralled ’till the very last page." It is available in print [ISBN: 978-0692250372] and as a Kindle E-book, and has been given a Five-Star review at the Readers’ Favorite website:

His third novel – The Voyage of the Stingray – has just been published.




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