Wind Wielder: Elements of Nordica: Book 1 by TC Marti Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A young elemental must help band together with the last descendants of an ancient tribe to stop a global world government from taking complete control in author TC Marti’s “Wind Wielder: Elements of Nordica”, the first book in the Elements of Nordica series.


The Synopsis

Avatar: The Last Airbender and 21st Century Military Combat Collide

A secret censored throughout the modern age…

…A cataclysmic riot leaves the fate of the world hanging by a thread

There are a lot of things Wind Wielder Sion Zona wished he had taken seriously. But the following facts he neglected display his sheer ignorance.

One, an ancient tribe within his Elemental race wiped from the pages of time still exists.

Two, Sion and a band of eight other Elementals are the final descendants from that ancient tribe and hold the key to preventing the masses from falling victim to a one-world government foretold in a banned set of ancient texts.

Three, the global superpower wants nothing more than to destroy Sion and the others before they discover their importance to humanity.

So yeah, there’s no pressure in taking on a raging dictatorship.

Wind Wielder is Book I in Elementals of Nordica, an exciting speculative fantasy series featuring old-world epic fantasy tropes bent into modern-day society. If you are a fan of elemental magic, complex plots, and sword and sorcery with a sci-fi twist, Wind Wielder is a MUST READ.

The Review

This was such a unique and engaging fantasy read. The way the author implemented modern-day tech and social structures into a world of magical (or superpowered, depending on how you look at it), people outlawed by this tyrannical government as mutants were just pure fantasy at its finest. The balance the author found between action-driven narrative and intricate character developments was absolutely perfect, as the world became much more vibrant and yet the reader was able to hone into the characters and their evolution over the course of the narrative.

What was so amazing to see the author develop was a larger-than-life mythos and truly engaging world-building. The foundation of any great fantasy, the story managed to develop the revelations and hidden truths of the world’s lost tribe and the intricate corruption that this government power held onto while allowing the world in which the narrative developed to feel well-established and well lived in, making this a gripping story to engulf.

The Verdict

A masterful, mind-bending, and entertaining read, author TC Marti’s “Wind Wielder: Elementals of Nordica” is the perfect first book in this brand new fantasy series, and will mark the perfect way to begin 2022 for fantasy fans. The world-building and mythology the author develops feel fresh and rich with history and culture, while the modern-twist on this original world feels like a natural progression of the modern fantasy book experience. With a cliffhanger ending that will leave readers eager for the next installment in this series, readers will not want to miss out on this incredible story. If you haven’t yet, be sure to preorder or grab your copy of the book on January 3rd, 2022!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

TC Marti has been an avid reader/writer for over three decades. He is the author of the Elementals Universe, a shared speculative fiction universe spanning multiple series. He is also a workout fanatic, and a fan of Arizona sports teams.

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