Snowlands: A Blood Moon (Snowlands Book One) by Morr Meroz Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Three unlikely allies come together as missing animals and the dangers of the Snowlands bring the trio to the trail of a magical being who can help bring answers to the trials facing the animals of the wilderness in author Morr Meroz’s “Snowlands: A Blood Moon”, the first in the Snowlands series.

The Synopsis

A brand-new, full-color graphic novel series for animal fantasy fans that delivers a daring adventure and a mysterious threat that has animals–prey and predator alike–disappearing.

An orphaned white wolf cub exiled from her pack.
A lone snow leopard searching for her missing cub.
A bumbling young Pallas’s cat who can’t hold a tune.

In the midst of a brutal winter in the unforgiving Snowlands the mountain sheep begin to go missing. Without their primary food source, the wolf pack faces starvation and blame falls on Feba, an orphaned wolf cub whose white fur the elders see as a bad omen.

When pack leaders vote to banish Feba, and perhaps worse, she runs off into the icy wilderness just as the other wolf cubs go missing. Lost in the treacherous mountains, Feba stumbles upon Usha, a snow leopard searching for her missing cub. While Usha wants nothing more than to continue her journey alone, she grudgingly allows Feba and a skittish young wild cat, Batu, to follow her. 

With a snowy trail full of deadly obstacles ahead, the unlikely trio sets out to find the Seeress, a magical being Usha hopes can find her missing son. Each step takes Usha, Feba, and Batu deeper into danger where they encounter other creatures–some helpful, some deceitful–and uncover a widespread peril in the mountains, the fate of the missing cubs, and what having a family truly means.


The Review

What a truly breathtaking and beautiful graphic novel! The author and artist both found such a great harmonic balance between the harsh, cold, yet stunning visuals of the snowy mountains and the vast array of creatures, and the emotional depth of the storytelling overall. The theme of family and what truly defines family is so deeply felt in the characters and their arcs in this narrative, and the exploration of what isolation can do to us all and how others are always nearby if we allow ourselves to open up to the possibilities of not being alone just shined through the narrative perfectly.

The characters were so well done in this story. The artwork and focus on animals as main characters made this feel like it would be a story geared more towards children only, but there are some very mature and heartbreaking storylines that will appeal to older readers as well. The bonds these characters make with one another and the twist on the main opposing force behind the disappearances and deaths on this mountainside will really draw readers into this narrative wholeheartedly. 

The Verdict

A mesmerizing, haunting, and entertaining winter read, author Morr Meroz’s “The Snowlands: A Blood Moon” is a must-read graphic novel of 2021. Such an incredibly moving and emotional story pairs so well with the cold yet strikingly beautiful artwork that brings this narrative to life, and readers will be eager to see what this author and creator come up with next. If you haven’t yet, be sure to preorder or grab your copy of this amazing read on December 7th, 2021!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Morr Meroz is the founder of Bloop Animation, one of the most popular animation training websites. He has written, directed, and animated three short films, including his thesis film at the School of Visual Arts, where he received a bachelor’s degree in computer arts. His screenplay for Snowlands has been produced as a graphic novel. He lives with his family in New York City.


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