Ékleipsis: the Abyss by Tamel Wino Review


Author Tamel Wino returns with six new stories of desperation and destruction as humans find themselves nowhere to turn other than downward in the upcoming short story collection, “Ékleipsis: the Abyss”. 


The Synopsis

The seed of evil has been planted …

What will happen when its roots take hold?

Ékleipsis: The Abyss is the second short story collection by the award-winning author.

Tales of depravation and insanity are woven together with unrelenting style and depth, scrutinizing human nature’s degeneration when compromised by tragic, vicious circumstances.

These complex, wretched individuals and the irremediable conditions they are desperate to claw out of—or into—invoke the unfathomable question: What devastation are we truly capable of when left with no way out but down . . . into the obscurity of the abyss?

The Review

Such a fascinating and engaging read. The author has done a brilliant job of following up the first collection of short stories with new tales of darkness and desperation that really delve into the darkest parts of human nature. The author’s ability to draw out this theme in each story while maintaining a healthy dose of haunting atmosphere and emotional character development was amazing to read. 

The twists and turns the author employs throughout this narrative are what will really wow readers. Each story features a truly gripping and gut-wrenching narrative that shows just how far people who are pushed to the brink are willing to go to fight and claw their way out of a situation. These stories are not the rise and victory of a hero, but instead a reflection of the chilling world we are living in today, and how unexpected meetings and moments in life can take truly drastic turns.

The Verdict

A brilliant, chillingly creative, and entertaining yet haunting read, author Tamel Wino’s “Ékleipsis: the Abyss” is a must-read collection of horror and thriller reads. Perfect for the arrival of the fall/spooky season, readers will be both emotional and enthralled by the author’s creativity and passion that radiates throughout each story. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Tamel Wino is a Canadian fiction writer from the resplendent British Columbia whose works focus largely on degeneration of sanity and morality. He studied Health Sciences and Psychology, which only furthered his interest in human nature.

With inspirations including Alice Munro, Chuck Palahniuk, Cormac McCarthy, Stephen King, Margaret Atwood and Edgar Allan Poe; Tamel’s expositions are strongly grounded in traditions of dark fiction. Yet, with his bold narrative voice and incisive plot construction, Wino is paving a new movement within the space.

When he’s not reading or scribbling away on his laptop, Tamel loves listening to jazz, rewatching good ol’ classic shows and traveling.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ekleipsis29/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ekleipsis29/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ekleipsis29

Website: https://ekleipsis.ca/



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