Heirs of the Ancients (Book Two of The Three World’s Chronicles) by James Norwood Review

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A powerful and dark civilization from before the dawn of man threatens to consume the galaxy once and for all, and only the heroic actions of Gallagher and his crew stand in the way of these menacing foes and their nefarious plans for the universe in author James Norwood’s “Heirs of the Ancients”, the second book in the Three World’s Chronicles series. 


The Synopsis

A malicious and ancient alien race from before the dawn of man lays a trap for an unsuspecting civilization fleeing its home world. The galaxy must once more fight for its very survival, as forces work against it that are almost as old as the galaxy itself. Gallagher and his crew must uncover the truth before time runs out, and the heirs of the ancients implement their evil plan.

The Review

This was a brilliant follow-up to the acclaimed sci-fi book, A Trio of Worlds. The author expertly found the perfect harmony between character growth, galactic mythos, and themes of theological divides, and the thirst for power, as well as classic themes of good vs evil. The author was amazing in showcasing both the past and the present of this novel’s history and culture, especially the beginning chapters that highlighted the divide between the D’Lai and the Däk’in centuries, if not millennia before. The war that erupted based on theological differences in their faiths expertly mired our own world’s struggles with religious divides and people of faith using religion to fuel their own rage and bloodlust. 

Once again, the author utilizes mythology and world-building expertly and balances this with great characters that either chill you to the bone or win your hearts as rough and tumble heroes. The complexity of the war’s history and the lies that made the foundation for an entire race’s anger towards the universe was a great development in this series, allowing the reader to see who the true “villains” were, and who became victims in a war that raged far before they even knew.

The Verdict

A stunning, narratively rich, and entertaining addition to an already marvelous new sci-fi series, author James Norwood’s “Heir of the Ancients” is a must-read novel of 2021. A great start for sci-fi fans this fall, the author delivers rich mythology and great character development across the ages, making for an inviting story that readers won’t be able to put down. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

James Norwood is a middle school teacher. He lives in Riverside, California with his wife Kelly and their three cats.


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