Spellbound Under The Spanish Moss: A Southern Tale of Magic by Connor Garrett and Kevin Garrett Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A young man who grew up on his father’s stories of witches and magic finds himself on a magical journey of his own in an effort to save his father’s life in authors Connor and Kevin Garret’s “Spellbound Under the Spanish Moss: A Southern Tale of Magic”.


The Synopsis

Young Gareth Greyfin must find a way to save his father Samuel after he is bitten by a one-eyed snake. With little time before the venom will reach his father’s heart, Gareth follows his father’s instructions to bring him to a cabin in the swamps outside of Savannah, Georgia — the home of a witch with a fearsome reputation.

The witch sends the fearful young man on a quest for five ingredients for the potion that offers the elder Greyfin’s only hope. Accompanied by the witch’s raven as a guide, Gareth’s desperate journey leads to encounters with a cast of characters that defy imagination. The duo is joined by an old banjo player, and they learn that heroes come in unexpected forms.

Along the way, Gareth learns a family secret and a deception threatens to destroy his budding friendship with the Raven and possibly the life of his father. Will his bargain with Evangeline pay off or will Gareth be the one to pay the price?

The Review

What a truly entertaining and incredibly written novel! The authors do a masterful job of bringing to life a wildly inventive and creative new fantasy and fairy-tale narrative, exploring the concept of finding magic and adventure in our lives while also highlighting the depths of bravery and love one will go to in order to save those that mean the most to them. Gareth is a memorable protagonist, acting as the gateway of the audience as they are thrust into this magical world. Rediscovering the magic and wonder of childhood in order to rescue his dying father speaks to the inner child within us all. 

The theme of a child overcoming great odds to rescue a parent or sibling is well represented here and is one that I personally am a huge fan of in fantasy and sci-fi novels, (a longtime fan of Stephen King and Peter Straub’s The Talisman, for example). Yet the greatest thing the authors do here is to balance the fantasy-level magic of a fairytale with the strong imagery that brings this adventure to life in the author’s minds, making for a truly engaging read.

The Verdict

An entertaining, short-yet thrilling deep-dive into magic and fairy-tales with a Southern twist, authors Connor and Kevin Garret’s “Spellbound Under the Spanish Moss” is a must-read fantasy novel. The heartfelt emotion that goes into the protagonist’s journey blended with the incredible character development and fantasy themes make this a truly memorable adventure, and a book that fans of the genre will not be able to forget. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Authors

Connor Garrett 

Connor Judson Garrett left Atlanta with $1,500 to his name and moved to Los Angeles right after college with the dream of becoming a professional writer and an entrepreneur. After winding his way through the Venice Canals and the fantasy of LaLa Land, he ended up working for ZipRecruiter as a content writer and an SEO specialist, and subsequently joined a team of world class copywriters at Golden Hippo Media. He loved that Mad Men-like experience and leveraged it to launch his freelance writing career, which was ignited when he won the inaugural Edward Readicker-Henderson Travel Classics Award for emerging writers. He has penned travel, entertainment, and profile pieces for outlets such as Private Clubs Magazine, South Magazine, 30A Review, Georgia Hollywood Review, Simply Buckhead, Blue Mountain Review, and Built in LA. Connor writes books and runs a small, bespoke publishing company Lucid House Publishing with his mother Echo Montgomery Garrett to give authors a better avenue than the traditional model. Connor’s debut novel Falling Up in The City of Angels has a Californication meets Catcher in The Rye feel to it and earned him a place speaking on a panel at the January 2020 International Pulpwood Queens and Timber Guys Book Club’s annual conference. He has written two poetry books, co-authored a self-help book The Longevity Game. But what he is most proud of is the southern fantasy novel Spellbound Under the Spanish Moss: A Southern Tale of Magic, the first book in The Spellbound Series. While in Lebanon with his girlfriend, Connor co-authored it with his father Kevin N. Garrett. The novel was selected as the International Pulpwood Queens and Timber Guys Reading Nation’s January 2021 Book of the Month Selection. It’s also a finalist for the 2001 Books of Excellence Awards for Young Adult Fiction.



Kevin Garrett

Growing up in rural south Georgia, Kevin N. Garrett loved books and music. He regularly drove 40 miles to buy albums and a copy of BillBoard Magazine. In college he was sometimes be so engrossed in the latest Robert Ludlum thriller that he would skip class. As a travel writer and photographer, his work has appeared in Condé Nast Traveler, Delta Sky, Town and Country, Forbes, Vogue, Outside, Boulevard, Entrepreneur, Inc., Atlanta Magazine, Coastal Living, Islands, Atlanta, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, and Virtuoso Life, among others. For more than two decades, Kevin and his wife Echo Montgomery Garrett specialized in and co-authored several guidebooks on the Caribbean, including Caribbean for Dummies and Rum and Reggae. Kevin’s fine art photography has been shown in galleries in New York City, Atlanta and Nashville, and his work hangs in many luxury resorts and hotels. He is working on a forthcoming fine art photography book. Kevin co-authored Spellbound Under the Spanish Moss: A Southern Tale of Magic with his son Connor Judson Garrett. It was the Pulpwood Queens Book Club’s January 2021 Book of the Month Selection, and the father-and-son duo were the opening speakers of the virtual Bluffton Book Festival in 2020. It was also named a finalist in the 2021 Book Excellence Awards in the young adult nonfiction category.The duo plans to release the second book in the Spellbound Series February 14, 2022. Set in Puerto Rico, Fragrance of a Shadow: True Love and Other Legends. The fantasy novel following that one moves the action to New Orleans.


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