Azure Adventures: The Lost King by Maximilian J. Heirich Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A world torn apart after a ferocious war between man and orc faces the looming threat of the undead as tensions rise on both sides, and only the actions of a group of rising heroes can shift the balance and fight to protect both worlds in author Maximilian J. Heirich’s “Azure Adventures: The Lost King”. 


The Synopsis

It has been thirty long years since a war that nigh consumed the world of Azure swept across it. Since then, both sides who waged it, the human led Allies and the Orcish Axis, have settled into a quiet, albeit, tenuous peace upon the eastern continent of Exortus. After all, the devastation of this Great War swallowed much of both sides’ forces, particularly the holy knights of humanity, the paladins. In the years since, fewer and fewer of these stalwart heroes have been born with the gift of Sanctus’ Light, the holy power that fuels them. Yet, as the Light wanes, darkness creeps its hand over the land. Rumors flit about the resurgence of a long though defeated enemy: the undead of Lignum. Though thought to have been halted in a conflict of their own making after the Great War, their looming shadow has never truly dissipated, only growing longer with years to feaster. Now, with King Lyon of the human kingdom of Silvan having vanished, it seems there are none left to cool the ever burning tensions between orc and man, nor are there any to stand against the creeping dark. None, save the varied people of Exortus… that is if they can escape their seemingly endless cycle of hatred….

The Review

The first thing that stands out in this fantasy novel is the sheer amount of detail that went into it. The author brilliantly captures the atmosphere of a fantasy world, from the politics and uneasiness between the different races of the realm to the way others live in each village and area of the world of Azure. The history and culture that has plunged this world into the chaotic realm it has become is rife with fantasy themes and tropes that will have fans of the genre immersed into the narrative from the book’s first pages. 

Yet it is the incredible characters of this book that really drive the narrative forward. Immediately fans are introduced to Vellborand, a human warrior and ranger who along with his dire wolf find themselves in a small village that is playing host to the fair, guarded by a mysterious dark elf. A day of rest quickly turns into a battle as bandits attack, diving headfirst into the bloody world the author has crafted beautifully. From there the world grows more and more, as do the enemies and citizens of this realm. The balance of fantasy-based action and emotional character growth and bonds really elevates the narrative to new heights, crafting an enthralling fantasy world that readers won’t want to let go of.

The Verdict

Entertaining, lengthy yet engaging, and highly memorable, author Maximilian Heirich’s “Azure Adventures: The Lost King” is a must-read fantasy adventure for adult fans of the genre. Dungeons and Dragons meet Game of Thrones, the author hits the reader with twists and turns galore until the shocking final chapter, leaving a cliffhanger that ends the first book of what is hopefully an ongoing new fantasy series. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!


About the Author

Maximilian Heirich is an aspiring author promoting his first published book: Azure Adventures: The Lost King. Maximilian is currently 21 years old and is currently finishing up his last year of university.

He works on his writing career in his time between school and working at his university’s publishing press.


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