Dear Dory: Journal of a Soon-to-be-First-Time Dad by Tom Kreffer Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A humorous and heartfelt exploration of impending fatherhood and the process of pregnancy from a husband and father’s perspective is brought to brilliant life in author Tom Kreffer’s “Dear Dory: Journal of a Soon-to-be-First-Time Dad”. 


The Synopsis

Imagine discovering you’re about to become a parent, even though doctors told you the chances of making a baby were close to zero.

Now, a soon-to-be first-time father is charting a course through the perilous and choppy waters of living with a pregnant woman. He’s dodging hormonal right hooks, evading emotional explosions, saying all the wrong things (like ‘Are you okay?’) and trying to figure out how the hell you install a car seat.

Written as a journal to his unborn child, Dear Dory is the unfiltered, irreverently funny, honest and heartfelt account of one man’s journey to fatherhood as he contemplates his new identity as a Daddy and prepares for the responsibility of a lifetime.

WARNING: This book contains a truckload of profanity.

The Review

This is such a fantastic and honest read. The author brilliantly delves into the raw and honest emotions that run through an impending father’s mind throughout the course of a nine-month pregnancy. From the rush of nerves and fear of hoping when facing a pregnancy test to the changing health conditions of your pregnant wife, including her low iron levels, and the challenge of finding the right remedy to help their exhaustion, the author covers a wide range of both physical and mental (along with emotional) experiences throughout pregnancy both for his wife and himself. 

The tone and the pacing of this  book are what really stand out to me. The author’s truthful and humorous approach to the subject of fatherhood really makes this narrative relatable, and the fact the author promises that the book is not a must-follow guide on all things parenting, but instead an honest conversation on the author’s personal experiences throughout the pregnancy and looking ahead to fatherhood. Both parents and impending parents will be able to relate to the author’s story, as it is refreshing to see a father who not only seeks answers and hope for parenting but exudes a sense of optimism in his writing about fatherhood.

The Verdict

A heartwarming, engaging and eye-opening read for any father, parent or future parent, author Tom Kreffer’s “Dear Dory” is a must-read book on parenthood. The humor and wit the author infuses into his writing balances the honesty and hope that the author brings to the subject matter, and makes this a valuable as well as entertaining read that should not be missed. Be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Tom Kreffer has a degree in film and television and has worked in finance for over ten years. Dear Dory is his first book.

He lives in Northampton, England with his family, whom he intends to exploit for many more story opportunities in the years to come.

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