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Everyday Monsters by Travis Betz Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A young man seeking vengeance after his parents were framed for a horrific crime is forced to share a body with the incorporeal form of an ancient creature in author Travis Betz’s dark horror comedy, “Everyday Monsters”.


The Synopsis

Derek Stabbers wants revenge. He’s been planning to get it ever since his parents were convicted of the brutal murders of several neighbors. The state blamed mental illness; Derek blames monsters.

Paxton Hellswood wants to be left alone. She’s barely made it out of the house in the hundred years since she was reborn from the dead, and that’s just fine by her. She’ll take the comfortable embrace of her couch over human interaction any day.

After a series of violent misfortunes, Paxton’s incorporeal form becomes stuck inside Derek, forcing the two enemies to begrudgingly share a body.

Together (as one), they embark on a hilarious and poignant journey that ultimately proves there’s no such thing as monsters—just a world full of terrified creatures all hungry for a connection.

The Review

This was a fantastic read. Fans of dark humor and horror will absolutely love this roller coaster of a read, from the vast amount of supernatural creatures and elements the author infuses into the story to the complex way the author blends humor with deep looks into the best and worst humanity has to offer. 

The story starts off running, introducing hilarious and unique elements to the supernatural story that readers won’t be able to stop chuckling about, from unexpected animals vampires fear to hybrid creatures and secret human servants who get caught up in the middle of this chaos. The best part of the novel however is the very visual way the author writes the book. Each chapter feels like the next scene in a cinematic experience, easily painting an image in the reader’s mind.

The Verdict

An exhilarating, action-fueled and darkly humorous horror novel, author Travis Betz’s “Everyday Monsters” is a must-read book. The author perfectly captures a unique voice that explores humanity in a funny yet gritty way. If you haven’t yet, be sure to preorder or grab your copy of Travis Betz’s “Everyday Monsters” today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Author and filmmaker Travis Betz has been enjoying a growing audience for years with his cult feature films, Lo, The Dead Inside, and Joshua, as well as his popular series of construction paper short films.

Travis has had screenplays on both the prestigious Blacklist and Hitlist, the former currently in development with Red Hour Films. He has written and developed projects for Universal Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Amazon Studios, Shudder, Comedy Central, BOOM! Comics, Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, and more.


Anthony Avina, (Born March 1990), is an author, a journalist, and a blogger. Born in Southern California, he has battled through injuries, disabilities, moves back and forth across the country, and more, yet still maintains a creative voice that he hopes to use not only to entertain but to inspire hope in even the darkest situations. He writes short stories and novels in several genres, and is also a seasoned journalist for the online magazine, On Request Magazine, as well as the popular site TheGamer. Having grown up reading the books of Dean Koontz and Stephen King, they inspired him to write new and exciting stories that delved into the minds of richly developed characters. He constantly tries to write stories that have never been told before, and to paint a picture in your mind while you are reading the book, as if you could see every scene of the book as if it were a movie you were watching. His stories will get your imaginations working, and will also show that in spite of the most despairing and horrific situations, hope is never out of reach. He am always writing, and so there will never be a shortage of new stories for your reading pleasure.

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