Gold Fever: Treasures of the Heart Book One by Lawna Mackie Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A young woman from the big city must leave behind that life in order to find and save her brother in the wilderness, and in the process protect her heart from a rugged and handsome man who doesn’t believe in love in author Lawna Mackie’s “Gold Fever”, the first in the Treasures of the Heart romance series. 


The Synopsis

Could it be true? The gold existed. A treasure map alluded to such a find, but for over a century it was rumored a fable, one told by an old crazy man—Samantha (Sam) Avery’s great-great-uncle.

One huge problem existed. Her brother Finn sent her the map and told her to run. Sam knew her big brother was in trouble and she had to help him.

In Dawson City, Yukon, Hunter Gray, outfitter and guide had been hired to do a job. At the airport, pick up a Sam Avery and take him to the old Charlie Avery cabin up the mighty river. What Hunter Gray hadn’t expected was for Sam to be a Samantha, who wore fashion designer shoes, had a sharp tongue and a goddess like appearance—the vast wilderness of the Yukon was no place for somebody like her.

Sam had to learn quickly. How hard could it be to ride a horse and live without running water and restaurants for a week? It didn’t matter, her brother needed her and Sam had to convince the ruggedly handsome man and his wolf… yes…wolf, that she was up to the adventure.

Spending night and day together, Samantha knows the attraction between them is growing quickly. Not only is Samantha determined to rescue her brother, but she must now save her heart from a man who doesn’t believe in love.

The Review

The author does an excellent job of laying the groundwork for the overarching mystery and lore this novel showcases as readers see how the hunt for treasure really began. From there the stakes are risen, as a savage criminal holds the brother of one of the novel’s protagonists captive, and brings the events to the forefront. 

The pacing and tone of this novel fit perfectly in the thriller and romance genres, with the action of the shady criminal dealings in the wilds of the Yukon blending with the steamy romance between the city girl and the rough and tumble outdoorsman. The author introduces some very adult romance scenes throughout this novel, so this is definitely not for younger audiences.

The core of this story definitely rests within the chemistry between the characters of this story. While Samantha and Hunter are fantastic romantic love interests and really add to the heart of this tale, Finn and Emma are two surprising and engaging characters that hold much more weight for the novel’s plot, especially Emma. Fans will love delving into these character’s stories and their interactions with one another.

The Verdict

A remarkable, engaging, and steamy romance, author Lawna Mackie’s “Gold Fever” is the perfect first book in the author’s “Treasures of the Heart” romance series. Full of passion, evenly paced, and expertly crafted character relationships make this a standout story that fans of both the thriller and romance genres will not be disappointed by. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Lawna Mackie was born in Jasper, Alberta. After finishing high school and post secondary she moved to Calgary, Alberta, married her husband and settled in the small town of Didsbury, Alberta.

Lawna would tell you that a lot of her creativity comes from her mother, who could design and build, just about anything. Her mother never lacked the talent for hand-making toys. “She always amazed me. My brother and I were never bored because she made us flutes, toy cars, and even parallel bars in the trees,” she explains.

Her other creative inspiration comes from her husband Jeff, and the many adventures they have had. It was on one particular trip to British Columbia, when she stopped at the Enchanted Forrest that the fairy tale world called to her to write a story.

Along with the love she has for her husband and family, is the deep admiration and compassion she has for animals. “They bring so much joy and inspiration to my life I don’t know how I would ever live without them,” she says. Alaskan Malamutes are near and dear to her heart. With one Malamute, one Bichon Shih Tzu, one farm cat and a Bengal, her house is never quiet.

Lawna writes contemporary romance and paranormals. One fan writes, “Lawna’s books are well-written and are impossibly good! The scenes are unexpected and very creative. I highly recommend her books!”

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