West of Ireland (The Picaresque Narratives Book 1) by C.P. Hoff Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A mother must fight to keep her child away from her sister-in-law, a nun in the church, after making a deal to give one of her children to the church years earlier, in author C.P. Hoff’s novel “West of Ireland”, the first in the Picaresque Narratives series. 


The Synopsis

Set in 1914 New Brunswick, Canada, West of Ireland tells the story of the wealthy O’Brien family. As a newlywed, Mrs. O’Brien makes a vow to her older sister-in-law, the formidable Sister Mary-Frances, promising a child to the church. As the years pass and all her children perish, save one, Mary-Kate, Mrs. O’Brien tries to forget her pledge. Sister Mary-Frances doesn’t. When the nun comes to collect her charge, trouble ensues. The O’Briens do everything short of sacrilege, to keep Mary-Kate out of the clutches of the demanding nun.

The Review

This was a fantastic read. The author perfectly takes readers on a dramatic ride into the life of the O’Briens, who must contend with the outbreak of war, the church, and family drama all at once. The family dynamic in this book really does take center stage, as the author writes from multiple POVs in this narrative which includes the O’Briens. 

The tone really set the pace for the reader as they delved deeper and deeper into this read. The author’s ability to blend comedic moments and dialogue with some at times heavy and emotional moments really felt as if the novel could easily translate into another medium, such as a Netflix series. 

The Verdict

A passionately written, humorous, and engaging read, author C.P. Hoff’s “West of Ireland” is an incredible novel and great start to a drama and comedy series that takes readers to a unique period of time in North America in the 20th century. Entertaining, to say the least, readers won’t be able to put down this novel as the drama unfolds, and characters like Paddy really do steal the show as it were, making this a must-read hit! Be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 9/10


About the Author

C.P. Hoff lives in southern Alberta with her husband and children. She has written for the local paper, which might be impressive if she lived in New York, and if anyone read the local paper. Her first novel, A Town Called Forget, was longlisted for the Stephen Leacock Medal For Humour.


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