Rats in a Maze by Peter Bailey Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A simple case turns Detective Ray Fisher’s life upside down, revealing shadowy organizations and making him question is sanity in author Peter Bailey’s “Rats in a Maze”. 


The Synopsis

What does it mean when you start remembering things that never happened and your dreams are haunted by the most beautiful woman in the world?

NYPD Detective Ray Fisher thought it meant he was going mad, but there was enough of the Detective left to see that the weirdness had started after he’d investigated a car that had been driven into the river. It was a trivial case but it opened his eyes to a shadowy elite who used people like pawns.

Ray thought he had all the answers until the NYPD suspended him and he realised that the only thing worse than the elite was the vast government Conspiracy concealing it

Chased by black clad kill teams through the city, Ray has to escape with the most unlikely person in the world on a road trip like no other where he discovers that the only way to be truly free is to leave his humanity behind.

Rats in a maze, a roller coaster thrill ride leading to a shattering conclusion where the fate of the world is literally in the hands of children.

The Review

A fantastic blend of police procedural and thriller with a twist of dystopian suspense, Rats in a Maze is a fantastic read. The author expertly weaves a complex and layered story with a fully fleshed out cast of characters that capture the reader’s attention and engage with them emotionally. 

Protagonist and Detective Ray Fisher is a truly interesting character. Driving this journey full of twists and turns, the character’s arc is exceptional to read, from his tragic backstory and loss to the growing mystery this case brings him and the evolution he undergoes as the story goes on. Add to this the author’s fantastic world-building and the lore they crafted for this tale, and readers will be hard pressed not to be entertained as they fall deeper and deeper into this novel’s web. 

The Verdict

An evenly-paced, action-packed and exciting read, author Peter Bailey’s “Rats in a Maze” is a must-read thriller of 2020. A larger than life story that hits all the great notes of a good suspense and mystery read and adds a bit of dystopian vibes, readers won’t want to miss the shocking conclusion to this amazing read. Be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Peter lives in England with his long-suffering wife. His first story was a fictionalized account of a disastrous trip to Las Vegas with a dental abscess. Since then, he has written a vampire story (without any actual vampires) and about a perfectly ordinary day at the office that will last for eternity. Rats In A Maze is his third book, kindly published by Moonshine Cove, in September 2020


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