Scarlet Reign: Call For Independence by R.D. Crist Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A young woman finds herself embroiled in a gritty, magical war and surrounded by a sisterhood she doesn’t know if she can trust in author R.D. Crist’s “Scarlet Reign: Call For independence”, the second in the Scarlet Reign series. 


The Synopsis

War is brewing amongst the orders, and the Sisterhood has lost its infamous protector to the dark witch. Tough decisions are on the horizon for Natalie, the renowned teen leader who saved the Sisterhood, and is expected by some to do so again. The council, however, bears no respect for Natalie’s opinion in choosing a side, or declaring independence: a state that requires more than she is willing to sacrifice.

Meanwhile, old flames and foes vie for Natalie’s attention as she expresses desires to leave the order altogether. Natalie will need all that she has learned, her natural talents, and more, including new gifts of light bequeathed to her by her mentor. But all will be for naught if she cannot learn to materialize her powers in time. Will she move on from her sisters in what will be seen as an act of betrayal, or will she stay and fight?

The Review

A fantastic sequel to an already amazing fantasy series, this YA adventure takes place a couple of years after the shocking first book in the developing fantasy series. Highlighting the various politics and structural struggles that the Coalition (or group of various witches and covens), has, the story sees protagonist Natalie facing new struggles. 

The first half of the novel takes readers right into the action, as another coven attacks ruthlessly Natalie and her sisters, forcing Natalie to fight to tap into her full power set. The battle leaves Natalie with several losses, revelations, and questions that need answers. Later the sisterhood is forced to compete in a competition of battles in an effort to gain independence from the Coalition altogether, in an effort to avoid all-out war.

The author really does an amazing job of weaving personal character growth for characters like Natalie with a larger overall plot that grows the evolving mythology of this fantasy world. Capturing the tone and imagery that makes the YA genre stand out from other genres, this novel does a great job of setting up future installments in the series.

The Verdict

Action-packed, emotional, and evenly paced, author R.D. Crist’s “Scarlet Reign: Call For Independence” is a must-read YA Fantasy. The protagonist is relatable, the mythology layered and complex, and the book ends on another shocking cliffhanger that will have major implications for the rest of the series. This is a read that is not to be missed, so be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

R.D. Crist is a psychotherapist who generates creativity via long walks and majestic views of nature. True inspiration to write, however, derives from personal hardships that have sparked a desire to help others manage life’s various struggles.

Although R.D. Crist has only released one book, three have been written and several more begun, which span a variety of genres.  The focus of these stories are intended to center on Crist’s favorite dynamics of a story – personal conflict, relationship development, inner growth, and social revelation.  Each story is created with a greater purpose to stimulate a person to reflect on common challenges, be they personal, interactive, or in principle.

Childhood influences include Ray Bradbury stories and character conflict movies like Twelve Angry Men.

Socializing, listening to people’s stories, spending time with family, and relentlessly exercising (as if those last ten pounds cared) are some of Crist’s favorite ways to pass the day.

Here is the book website:


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