Escape From Yesterday by Frederic Petrovsky Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

The fantasy genre blends with the science-fiction genre when a young boy in a far-off kingdom must stop himself from pursuing the love of a young princess by traveling back in time in author Frederic Petrovsky’s “Escape From Yesterday”. 


The Synopsis

The ultimate time travel adventure! ESCAPE FROM TOMORROW follows Den, a seventeen-year-old who has been a servant in Castle Kuthalds all his life. Den struggles with sexual awakening, and finds himself drawn to Oshana, the Vizier’s strong and alluring daughter. When this forbidden love is discovered by the cruel and obsessive Vizier, he becomes enraged. The Vizier incarcerates Den in the notorious Zakaz prison, and begins a campaign of murdering a generation of his subjects. To set things right, Den is brought to an ancient underground civilization of monstrous shape-shifters that sends him back in time. The plan fails, and Den is transported to an even earlier time. But during both visits to the past, Den inadvertently interacts with himself. This sets in motion a series of perilous escapes in three separate time periods—three different Dens, Oshanas, Umbras, and Viziers.

The Review

A wonderful fusion of the romance of Disney’s Aladdin with the time-travel insanity of Back to the Future and the high-stakes political and family drama of Game of Thrones, Escape From Yesterday is a smash hit of the sci-fi and fantasy genres. 

The author is able to establish unique mythology in this fictional kingdom and showcase the struggles of being under the harsh thumb of a ruler like the Vizier, while also introducing a forbidden romance between a young house servant and the Vizier’s daughter, the Princess. The character-driven narrative takes center stage alongside the setting, as each plays a pivotal role in the plot that sees the protagonist forced to travel back in time several times to stop the kingdom from collapsing from within. 

The Verdict

A strong, entertaining, and evenly-paced fantasy read, author Frederic Petrovsky’s “Escape From Yesterday” is a must-read novel of the summer for fantasy/sci-fi fans. Filled with adventure, fast-paced action, and complex mythology build-up, this is a fun read that many readers will be able to sink their teeth into. Be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Fred Petrovsky’s first novel, Frank, was published by Time Warner in 2001. His other novels include Don’t be Cruel and The Clinton Diaries. His work has also appeared in Midstream, Arrive, and The Ritz-Carlton Magazine. He holds an MFA from the University of Arizona.

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