The Melody Of Three (Evercharm Trilogy #1) by S.D. Reeves Review

 I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A sorcerer long banned from Liverpool receives a mysterious summons, and discovers a world turned upside down in author S.D. Reeves’ novel, “The Melody of Three.”


The Synopsis

Sorcerer Christaan De Rein’s return to Liverpool does not go well, starting with the fact that his trusted apprentice, Higgins, dies on the way. Then again, Higgins dies a lot. Of course, Rein doesn’t expect to be welcomed with open arms after being banished for nine years, but a cryptic summons from The Musician herself cannot go unanswered.

But when Rein arrives all is in chaos. People with fairy blood are turning up dead. The Forum Magicae is undone and the Curators sieged.

And in another world altogether, where Earth is just a legend, a girl named Niena and a cursed lyre hold the key to saving both realms. Or destroying them.

The Review

The author does an amazing job of creating a vast, complex, and engaging mythology that fans of the fantasy genre will absolutely love. The established world in this novel pairs greatly with the characters that bring humor, engagement, and heart to the story overall.

The author’s greatest strength lies within the atmosphere and setting of the narrative, with each chapter eloquently painting a picture of each location of the narrative. From the busy streets and gloom of Liverpool to the reality-bending realm of Fairhome, the author really does an excellent job of putting readers into the worlds of this magical novel. The only critic would be that so much emphasis is made on setting and description that sometimes the novel is slow-paced, but the powerful narrative helps to balance this out overall.

The Verdict

A lengthy, powerful narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seat as they dive headfirst into this brand new narrative, author S.D. Reeves novel “The Melody of Three”, the first in the Evercharm Trilogy, is a must-read dark fantasy novel that perfectly sets up a brand new series. An open-ended final chapter leaves readers wanting more, perfectly setting up this ever-growing narrative. Be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 8/10


About the Author

Stephen Reeves was born in 1980 in Huntsville, Alabama, but grew up in a small community just on the edge called Madison. His writing career began during a boring math class in college and has blossomed over the last couple of decades into something decidedly not boring. His works have been published in numerous zines including The Blotter, Chantwood, Yellow Chair Review, and The Writers Drawer. Stephen has also reviewed books for Oxford University Press, including Micheal Newtons Victorian Fairy Tales.

Curses of Scale is his debut novel, written over the course of four years in the inspirational country of Switzerland, where he now resides with his wife, two cats, and an obsessive Pomeranian.



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