A World on the Island’s Edge: Book One of the Golden Dolphin by Matthew Rudd Reynolds Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A young girl trying to hold her crumbling family together finds a new calling in author Matthew Rudd Reynolds’ novel “A World On The Island’s Edge”. 


The Synopsis

Twelve-year old Andi Johnston knows all about keeping secrets from the inhabitants of her island home. She’s been hiding the truth about her grandmother’s dementia for nearly two years in an effort to keep her family together. After finding a young golden dolphin hidden in a cavern under her cliffside home, Andi knows she is in over her head. The bond between Andi and the dolphin Lux is instantaneous and supernatural. With his strange powers, Lux is able to heal Andi’s grandmother-for a time. 

Together with her genius twin brother, Artie, and best friend, Jubal, Andi tries to keep Lux safe from the world. Even if she can, what will happen to her family? The appearance of an old and mysterious ship in the bay across Andi’s home does nothing to alleviate her fears, nor does the discovery of a monstrous creature trying to use Lux as a means of breaking out of its prison. With her options running out, Andi risks everything in an act of faith that will change their lives forever.

The Review

In the first book of this brand new sci-fi and fantasy series titled the Golden Dolphin, the author has brilliantly brought together a healthy mixture of real-world drama and family tragedy with elements of science fiction and fantasy-driven themes. What begins as a seemingly fantasy-driven narrative turns otherworldly as the story progresses, giving readers a fantastic new series to dive headfirst into. 

The story’s true shining spot, however, is not only the blend of YA sci-fi and fantasy, but the protagonist’s struggle with her personal life as this new fantastic element is introduced into her life. From the realities of having a sibling who falls on the Autism spectrum to having the only caregiver in her life suffering from dementia-like symptoms with a teacher holding a mysterious grudge against her family and a mother who disappeared years ago, protagonist Andi is a young woman forced to grow up well before her time and trying to hold the little bit of family she has left together, making her story much more relatable and tragic as the more fantastic elements transpire. 


The Verdict

This is a wonderful read, filled with twists and turns that readers will never see coming. From twists in the protagonist and her family’s history on their island home to the mystery of the Golden Dolphin and the powerful enemy seeking them out, this novel is engaging and entertaining throughout the entirety of the book. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy of “A World on the Island’s Edge” by Matthew Rudd Reynolds today. 

Rating: 10/10



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