Learning How To Heal A Broken Heart by Marvin Scholz Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A broken heart is one of the toughest, most difficult things to overcome in life. In author Marvin Scholz’s book “Learning How To Heal A Broken Heart”, the painful process is analyzed and the road to recovery given the spotlight it deserves. 


The Synopsis

I have yet to meet someone who has not been heartbroken at least once in their life. It happens to us all, more often than not, it’ll happen more than once. We get heartbroken, we get disappointed, we get rejected. It’s part of life. We live in a world with flawed humans who fail us and make mistakes. Many of our dreams are wrapped up in these humans, and because of that, brokenness is just a part of living on this earth. It’s a price of admission to this life and something which we all must pay. We can’t always control the situation or the outcome for that matter. But we can control how we respond to the devastating blow when heartbreak strikes. 

In this book, I will go over all the ways one can truly heal from heartbreak. Dealing with the pain that comes with it, the struggle, the insecurities, disappointment, and the rejection. I will show you how to combat grief and how to endure the difficult road to becoming whole again. Heartbreak and disappointment, they change you; change how you eat, how you sleep, and how you interact with others. It shakes you to your very core. The essence of who you are. Recovering from such trauma can be an extremely lengthy and challenging process. If done incorrectly, you’re not only prolonging your heartbreak but also risking long-term emotional damage.Add to the fact that most people don’t even know what genuine healing really is, and then you understand why most people never truly accomplish it. In a world that leaves us broken many times over, we must excel in the process of healing. 

Healing is an art. An art that we must master if we want to live a truly fulfilling life. If we’re going to create healthy, long-lasting relationships, then we have to learn how to heal fully, and in the right away from the ones that leave us broken. Because heartbreak isn’t physical trauma where our bodies automatically know how to respond. No, I’m afraid with mental trauma, the healing process is far more complicated than that. And it’s entirely up to us whether we heal or not. If your heart is heavy, if your soul is crushed, if you’re suffocating in immeasurable grief and disappointment, I want you to take this book and let it be your lifeline for these troublesome times. Let me be the compass that will lead you out of this storm. 

The Review

This is a beautifully written, honest and heartfelt book that everyone will be able to benefit from. The author does a masterful job of creating a fast paced yet impactful read that takes readers through the difficult yet rewarding process of handling grief and a broken heart overall. 

From accepting the pain that comes from heartbreak to learning the things one shouldn’t do to cope with that heartbreak to finally moving on and accepting what has happened overall, this book does a fantastic job of meticulously examining these moments in any person’s life. Far too often people have their hearts broken in one way or another, and it is easy to fall into unhealthy habits to cope with the pain it brings. The author uses personal experience and honesty to shed light on the problem with this process, and how finding a healthy solution to heal from heartbreak is the best thing possible. 

The Verdict

A fairly short yet important read, author Marvin Scholz has done an excellent job of creating a book that will engage readers on a personal level and truly help readers who have experienced their own brand of heartbreak in their lives. While a painful experience, the author helps guide readers through the process of understanding the pain, finding ways to cope with and heal from the heartbreak and finally finding peace and happiness on the other side. A book that is not to be missed, be sure to grab your copies of “Learning How To Heal A Broken Heart” by Marvin Scholz today! 

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Marvin Scholz is a gifted freelance writer based out of Miami, Florida. He is most known for his passionate, honest, and unapologetic writing. His work is best described as eloquent and ardent, and many of his readers have had the innate ability to instantly connect with his words in a profound way. As the founder of embracethelayover.com, Marvin has already shared his love for with thousands of people; authoring a hugely successful blog and providing a safe haven for those who share his love for life and have a passion for traveling. Marvin has an intense desire to bring out the best in people, something his writing has done countless times already. His work has been published online by numerous magazines, including the renowned Thought Catalog, and has been read by thousands of people already, with many more thousands to come.

His raw writing talent, combined with his incredible ability to connect with people and inspire action makes him a true artist, and a writing talent to watch.


Personal Blog: www.embracethelayover.com

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