Solar Dividends: How Solar Energy Can Generate A Basic Income For Everyone On Earth by Robert Stayton Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A bold new plan to help curb carbon emissions and still generate a healthy income to improve the economy takes shape in author Robert Stayton’s book “Solar Dividends: How Solar Energy Can Generate a Basic Income For Everyone On Earth”. 


The Synopsis

Imagine a world where poverty has been eliminated and global warming has been brought under control.

Imagine this can be done via a single program. Imagine that we can start on this today.

That’s the world envisioned by Solar Dividends, which puts forth a bold new plan—use solar energy to pay for unconditional basic incomes for everyone on the planet. 

The idea is simple: we set up solar panels for each person, sell the electricity the panels generate, and deliver the money as solar dividends to the person as their basic income, for the rest of their life.

This program won’t require tax money because the solar panels pay for themselves through the money they earn by generating electricity. The money won’t run out because the panels are maintained and replaced as needed. And we don’t have to wait for an international treaty because every country receives enough raw solar energy to set up their own program.

Solar energy gives us a new way to pay for basic incomes, and basic incomes give us a new reason to build solar energy. Combining these two big ideas will lift everyone out of economic insecurity, reduce the carbon emissions that drive climate change, and assemble a clean energy system that can sustain us indefinitely into the future—all with one program. Solar Dividends makes clear the practical steps to bring about this positive future.

The Review

As we head into the new year and the question of climate change and energy as a whole is still a contentious topic, author Robert Stayton’s book is a refreshing, straightforward and unique read that brings a fresh and honest view on the subject. Readers will find a bold, easy to follow yet difficult to implement plan that would bolster the economy and energy fields without the negative impact on the environment as a whole. 

One thing the author clearly defines is that while the plan he lays out is clear cut and showcases a straightforward path to solar energy and a boom to the economy as a whole, the difficulty of the plan running up against political pressure and the laws as they exist now not only in the United States but around the world is something that makes this plan the most difficult to implement. Yet the author lays out the benefits and the real detailed plans to bring the idea of solar energy and dividends to life in crystal clarity that gives readers a lot to think about and consider as we as a society moves forward in life. 

The Verdict

A brilliant book that not only has a detailed plan and path towards solar energy and solar dividends while also implementing a unique narrative of the future that outlines how this plan would look to the average consumer. It’s a fast paced, easy read that puts a complex yet feasible plan forward and challenges the reader and those in power to consider these options as a viable energy solution. If you haven’t yet, grab your copies of Solar Dividends by Robert Stayton today! 

Rating: 10/10


About the Author 

Robert Stayton is a physicist, author, teacher, programmer, inventor, technical writer, typesetter, bread baker, and worm farmer, with one art museum exhibit to his credit. He has degrees in physics and science communication, but not in politics or economics. In 1997, Robert and his wife built a passive solar home in Santa Cruz County and outfitted it with an off-grid solar photovoltaic system. He has been living with solar energy since then, always looking for new ways to apply solar in his daily life.

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