The Doctor’s Estate by Heather Quinto Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A man who has laughed in the face of the paranormal all his life finds his world turned upside as dark forces hidden within his new home make him question everything, including his sanity, in author Heather Quinto’s “The Doctor’s Estate”. 


The Synopsis

The Doctor’s Estate is the new novel by Heather Quinto. The story takes you on a wild ride into the world of the paranormal and the fight between good and evil. It is the story of a man named Ted who moves into a new home, not knowing the dark secrets that lie within its walls. He is a man who never believed in an afterlife. The mere mention of ghosts or even religions were enough to give him a laugh. 

However, he finds himself in a home where shadows lurk at every corner ready to attack him, along with terror-filled visions. Ted is taken down a path that makes him question everything-even his sanity. Demons, satanic rituals, and death are what awaits him as he slowly unfurls the hidden secrets of the doctor’s estate.

The Review

A phenomenal paranormal thriller like no other, author Heather Quinto has done a marvelous job of bringing the chilling nature of the paranormal genre into a story with characters who feel real and relatable. Touching on the conflicting nature of the paranormal with those who disbelieve in the possibility of the supernatural world, this novel creates a cast of characters that not only highlight the horror aspect of this tale, but bring the underlying themes and problems to the surface in a natural way. 

The tone of the novel was both dark and created a spooky atmosphere, which is exactly what a good thriller and paranormal novel should have. What stood out however was the underlying message on mental health. As a mental health advocate, it was refreshing to see someone point out that those who have mental illnesses are far more likely to be the victim of a crime rather than the perpetrator, a far too often used story device in modern day thrillers that has really offset the true nature of mental health awareness .This novel does a great job of rectifying that naturally within the context of the story. 

The Verdict

A fantastic read, this is one of the top paranormal thrillers of 2019. An edge of your seat tale with twists and turns that will see characters rise and fall, and will have readers questioning whether these paranormal happenings are truly happening, or perhaps the stress of life is finally getting the best of the protagonist. If you enjoy a good paranormal thriller, be sure to grab your copy of The Doctor’s Estate by Heather Quinto today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Heather Quinto resides in Fresno, California, and is an online undergraduate student majoring in Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University. She is a self-published author of the paranormal series, Inhuman. She is currently working on the second book in the series, which should be released in Fall 2015.

Heather always had a strong urge to write and create imaginative stories ever since she could pick up a pencil. She started off by drawing picture books when she was four years old, and began writing short stories when she was eight years old. Heather’s main inspiration behind writing is to be able to leave the greatest impact on whoever picks up one of her books by influencing a more positive and spiritual outlook on life. She strives to create fresh and original stories that grasps a reader’s attention, and hooks them with her strong and compassionate characters. Heather brings in unique storylines that no one has ever read before, and this is what caters to her originality. Her writing uses humor to teach self-confidence by encouraging her readers to laugh at themselves every once in a while. She accomplishes this by having her characters react in a comical and humorous way to embarrassing moments and certain hardships. She writes of relatable hardships that help her readers feel less alone, and makes them feel more accepted.

Although, Heather’s current target audience are teens, she doesn’t stick to one given genre or age group. Her genre varies from book to book. She’s written science fiction novels, mystery novels, romance novels, fantasy novels, thriller novels, and many more. Heather’s ultimate goal is to be a major impact on the world for the better. She hopes that her books challenge others to think both philosophically and spiritually. She also strives to eventually make a comfortable living off of being a full time writer. Once Heather finishes her book series, she will be working on publishing her science fiction novel.

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