Edj of the Empire: Revenant’s Omen by Timothy Burns Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

The heroic Prince Edj returns to go undercover within a drug operation and discover the secret behind a new drug that allows users to see the future in author Timothy Burn’s latest sci-fi epic, “Edj of the Empire: Revenant’s Omen”. 


The Synopsis 

The riveting second installment in the Edj series.

How do you stop an enemy that can see the future?

After the harrowing events of Herrig’s World, Edj is hot on the trail of D’Orneo. His pursuit leads him to Villalba, a world of tropical island paradises where over a hundred thousand luxurious resorts cater to every whim or flight of fancy. Fortunes are won and lost on Villalba twenty-nine hours a day in the casinos that never close. Gambling on anything for anything from cards to shark fights, dice to gladiators; if it can be wagered on, it can be found on Villalba.

Edj arrives to find that the once powerful economy of Villalba has ground to a halt. A new drug, Peek, grants users the ability to see the future. The casino industry is in tatters and the new governor is at wit’s end. Suspecting that D’Orneo is somehow involved, Edj plunges into an investigation. Going undercover as a member of the galaxy’s premier drug cartel, The Revenants, a group of beings who prolong their lives by harvesting body parts, Edj begins to unravel the truth.

What he uncovers has larger implications than anyone could imagine. With his cover blown, his guardian, Sam, neutralized, and his enemies able to see his every move before he makes them, can Edj find a way to stop Peek from becoming a weapon capable of bringing down the Empire?

The Review

An action-packed, sci-fi thriller like no other, this book is an amazing sequel to the first novel of the series. The author does a fantastic job of creating a world that is already built upon in world building and mythology, and yet allows the reader to walk right into the narrative fresh and experience this new galaxy firsthand. 

The real focal point of this narrative however has to be it’s protagonist, Prince Edj. A hero who is uncomfortable with his royal heritage, Edj’s character arc in this novel is amazing to see. Focused on saving an ally who was taken by his nemesis D’Orneo, he finds himself forced into this situation where he must use his skills to uncover a new mystery while hoping for the clue that will lead him to his enemy once and for all. It’s quite a heroic and personal journey that readers will be able to get engaged with from the book’s first chapter. 

The Verdict

This is a must read novel for any fan of the sci-fi genre and any readers who fell in love with the first book in the series. Giving Edj a more personal mission while also allowing him to flex his heroic skills to help a new cast of characters makes for an entertaining and engaging read to be sure, and fans will fall in love with this series overall as a truly epic sci-fi experience. If you haven’t yet, grab your copy of Edj of the Empire: Revenant’s Omen by Timothy Burns today!

Rating: 10/10



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