A Very Vegan Halloween: The Witch’s Cauldron Cookbook by Rebecca Henry Review

Although Halloween season may indeed be over, there is never a bad time to find some creepy themed holiday treats as evidenced in author Rebecca Henry’s novel “A Very Vegan Halloween: The Witch’s Cauldron Cookbook”.


The Synopsis

Halloween has always been an important holiday in my home and a time for food and parties. This book contains traditional, bootiful Halloween recipes prepared from nondairy and cruelty free ingredients.

With 41 bewitching recipes to choose from, you will have a spooktacular selection of recipes to inspire your little ghost or goblins to gobble up their plates! Being a mom of two, and so no stranger to hosting Halloween parties for little ones, I understand the importance of presentation. If the food is fun and engaging, children and adults alike, will want to try vegan options. The recipes come with creative decorating ideas, party suggestions and terribly terrifying recipe names, to get your cute little ghouls eager to bake with you in the kitchen.

The Review

This fun and exciting read is a truly one of a kind, creative read that showcases the author’s natural gift for storytelling infused into a vegan friendly cookbook. The recipes readers will find here are perfect for not only Halloween, but anyone who enjoys creepy, spooky or horror themed goods all year round (like I do). 

One recipe that really stood out was the Bewitching Autumn Apples, as I have always loved caramel apples and this intriguing treat was not only creative on the authors part but the recipe itself was easy to follow as well. That is one example of the amazing recipes in this book, from baked goods and drinks to pizza and more. 

The Verdict

A fun, wicked good time of a cookbook, author Rebecca Henry strikes gold again with this novel, proving her writing skills know no bounds. Filled with delicious recipes that families will love and can enjoy in a vegan friendly way, this cookbook is a one of a kind read that should be used all year round. If you haven’t yet, grab your copy of “A Very Vegan Halloween: The Witch’s Cauldron Cookbook” by Rebecca Henry today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Rebecca Henry is a world traveler living abroad in England. Besides being an American author of two published books, Rebecca is also a podcast talk host on the show The Latte Talk. The podcast was inspired by her novel, Louisiana Latte and her diva sister Deb. Rebecca is a serious vegan, gardener, wife and mom who practices yoga.





Instagram: @rebeccahenryauthor

Twitter: @rebeccahenryaut


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