The Code Hunters – A Nicholas Foxe Adventure by Jackson Coppley Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A shocking discovery leads to a massive hunt to decipher a tablet that could change the world and leads to an action-packed thriller like no other in author Jackson Coppley’s “The Code Hunters – A Nicholas Foxe Adventure”. 

The Synopsis

Get Ready for Action and Adventure! 

Meet Nicholas Foxe and his team of code hunters…

• In Afghanistan, a young boy stumbles into a fierce firefight. 

• An Army Ranger makes a snap decision that sets in motion events beyond his imagination.

• In New Mexico, caver Tom Littleton discovers a 10,000-year-old coded tablet far too advanced for ancient people to have created it.

• In Boston, Rachael Friedman, a leading physics professor, unlocks a key to the mysterious code.

• And in Italy, a violin maker and his autistic daughter show the way to a secret chamber where a medieval scholar has locked away more clues.

Wealthy adventurer Nicholas Foxe leads this unlikely team to solve the mystery of the code. But dark forces threaten to destroy The Tablet and the people who know about it…

• The Televangelist who intends to profit from his “religious” interpretation of The Tablet.

• A Washington Senator who secretly serves a powerful constituent.

• The mysterious Texan who foresees extraordinary wealth by owning The Tablet.

• A Bombmaker in Queens who serves the latest in destructive products.

The Code Hunters is a Thriller for the reader who:

• Wants the Adventure of Indiana Jones,

• Likes the pace and puzzles of The Da Vinci Code,

• Or just enjoys a Mystery Page-Turner. 

The Review

My first reaction as a reader is…wow. Just a fantastic collection of action, adventure and thrills that delve into so many different genres and facets of the story that it immediately draws readers in. From the introduction of the mystery discovered in caverns by cavers to the people brought together by Nicholas Foxe to decipher the mysterious discovery and the people trying to exploit or profit from it, the author does an amazing job of creating a cast of characters readers will either love or hate. 

What really stuck out to me as a reader was the various moving parts of the novel thanks to the wide array of characters the author brought into the narrative. The way readers are given a look into the mindset and actions of each character really set up the shocking action scenes and built up the importance of the discoveries to be had. The use of a slow burn to build up the suspense early on before revealing the discoveries was an inspired choice of writing style, and created an engaging read that is not to be missed.

The Verdict

This is a brilliant thriller that really gets the mind working and the heart pumping. A lengthy read to be sure, the novel does an amazing job of keeping the reader interested and creates a cast of characters readers will thoroughly enjoy reading about and becoming invested in throughout this story. It’s a must read action/adventure and thriller that captures the spirit of classic mysteries, blending a mix of Indiana Jones style action and history with a The Historian thrill. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy of “The Code Hunters” by Jackson Coppley today!

Rating: 10/10

About the Author

Jackson Coppley, a consummate storyteller, illuminates in his writing what happens when technology intersects with human behavior and emotion. Coppley weaves his stories from a sophisticated knowledge of technology and an understanding of human behavior. Coppley’s resume includes a dynamic career with leading world communications and technology companies, and the launching of what the press called “a revolutionary software program” during the rise of personal computing. As a world traveler, Coppley developed an interest in and an understanding of cultural differences and nuances which play an important role in his stories. His YouTube video on the Hmong people of Vietnam, as an example of how he investigates other cultures, received thousands of hits. It is this sensitivity about human behavior combined with the understanding of the potential of technology that brings to his writing a glimpse of what is yet to come.

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