Arid by Anne Joyce Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

One small group of survivors in a world where water is sparse and only the wealthy can afford it must find a way to survive the harsh cruel world they’ve been forced into in author Anne Joyce’s novel “Arid”. 

The Synopsis

It’s the distant future and the country is overtaken by wealthy moguls who dominate the water supply and sell it back to the public at ridiculous prices. After a drastic crime increase “indigents” who can’t afford water are stripped of their belongings and forced out of town by an army of brutes called Purifiers. 

Life becomes harsh and ominous for the bright, ambitious Joshua Wyman and his group until they begin to occasionally receive food and other basic amenities from the Brutes. When a blatant abuse of Purifier power during a routine visit leaves them reeling Joshua and his friends reach their breaking point. 

They devise a plan to steal the Purifiers’ vehicle during their next visit and find a place where water is affordable. Their journey across the uncharted wastelands filled with murderers and thieves proves to be far more than this civilized, benevolent crew bargained for. Growing tensions within the nearby towns may cause the two worlds to collide, creating an epic storm.

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The Review

The author has done a spectacular job of fully immersing the readers attention into the harsh setting of this post-apocalyptic world. With the affects of global warming and climate change becoming an all too real aspect of our daily lives, the world in which the characters find themselves seems all too plausible to believe, despite the apocalyptic setting of the narrative.

The character development is what shines the brightest in this novel, with a protagonist and supporting cast of characters that mesh well together and showcase the power of family, even a makeshift family created in the cruel desert sun of an apocalyptic America. The story was evenly paced and did a marvelous job of setting the tone of the narrative, giving the reader a realistic and edge of your seat feeling that only the world created in this novel could provide. 

The Verdict

This is a must read novel for anyone who enjoys a good post-apocalyptic story. An adult outlook on the dangers of global warming and the possibility of water becoming a commodity, the story is engaging and keeps the readers invested with every chapter, and will quickly make any casual reader a fan of this amazing author. If you haven’t yet, grab your copy of Arid by Anne Joyce today!

Rating: 10/10

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About the Author

Anne Rasico (AKA Anne Joyce) was born in a small town in Indiana you’ve probably never heard of. She composed short stories and comic books as a child to amuse her family and began writing poetry at the age of thirteen.

In 1998 she received an Honorable Mention for Literary Excellence for her poem “She Didn’t Come Home.” She attended business school and made the Dean’s List for three consecutive years, putting her love for writing on the back burner. It wasn’t until her mid-twenties that a political post on social networking rekindled her literary flame that has since become a bonfire.

In 2013 her novella When the Chips Are Down was named a Finalist in the MARSocial Author of the Year Contest. When she is not writing, thinking about writing, or going insane from writing she enjoys camping, fishing, swimming, and otherwise spending time with loved ones. She is mother to three extremely spoiled cats. Crazy cat lady? Probably.

Anne Rasico (AKA Anne Joyce) (@AnneRasico) | Twitter

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