Reality (Imagine #2) by Jenna Greene Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

The world of Oren faces a new danger as anti-magic rhetoric and a mission to return a friend home make Kat Bowers and the other Elementals lives more in peril than ever before in author Jenna Greene’s Reality, book number 2 in the Imagine series. Here is a synopsis.

The Synopsis

The three young Elementals discover they no longer have full control over their magic, a fact that is both unsettling and could put lives in peril. As a new group, known as the Coalition, rises in power, anti- magic sentiment spreads rom the small village of Sorc all the way to the kingdom of Areth. Amidst all this turmoil, Kat decides to undertake a new quest, one that will affect Becky’s future. Venturing into territory more hazardous than any they’ve seen before, both girls strive toward a goal they know has little hope of success.

The Review

The overlaying threat of this anti-magic group really helped elevate the dangers the heroes face in Oren. With their newfound powers essentially malfunctioning and separated by two very different missions, the Elementals must navigate the dangerous new world being created by the Coalition. 

It was fascinating and engaging as a reader to see the underlying theme of persecution and hatred based on fear arising within the novel. During these tumultuous times, it was a great way to integrate serious discussions into a fantasy driven narrative. Seeing the characters deal with that new reality, all the while going about their separate missions was a fantastic way to develop the characters even more. 

The Verdict

This was a great sequel to an already great developing series. Taking the magic of the first novel and increasing the drama and dangers of this new world, the author gave not only protagonists Kat and Becky new challenges, but gave special insight from supporting characters like Easton and the other elementals. If you enjoyed the first novel or are looking for a fun new fantasy series to dive into, then pick up your copy of Reality (Imagine #2) by Jenna Greene today.

Rating: 10/10

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About the Author

Jenna Greene is the author of the acclaimed Young Adult   Fantasy series, Imagine!  She is a middle school teacher, dragonboat coach, enthusiastic dancer, and semi-professional napper. She lives in Lethbridge, Alberta with her husband (Scott), daughter (Olivia), and dog (Thor, dog of thunder). 

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