Imagine by Jenna Greene Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Author Jenna Greene brings a dangerous, exhilarating and emotional fantasy to life in the novel Imagine, the first of the Imagine series. Here is the synopsis.

The Synopsis

A fierce wind and a blast of green light during a strange storm causes everything to change for Katharine Bowers and Becky Thatcher. The girls wake up in Oren, an entirely different realm than their earthly city. They meet Enalie, a fading magical presence who sets an incredible destiny before them… then simply disappears. Left alone to fend off creatures that hunt them in the night, they must relay a magical heritage that doesn’t make sense, and – if possible – save a world that they know nothing about.

The Review

This book took the fantasy genre to a whole new level. A brilliant YA style fantasy novel that wasn’t afraid to delve into the brutal nature of magic and fantasy style storytelling. With an entire cast of memorable characters, the author did a fantastic job of bringing two strong, young and driven female protagonists to life. 

The world building was phenomenal in this first book of the series. Exploring the fictional world of Oren and all of the provinces within it was great to see, as was the political nature of various kingdoms and different species living throughout the world. The story of young women discovering the power within themselves and overcoming oppressive and tyrannical forces was the inspirational fantasy story everyone has been waiting for, making Jenna Greene the next great name in the fantasy genre.

The Verdict

This is a must read novel. Full of action, suspense and cinematic level storytelling, Imagine is a wonderful introduction to the world of Oren and heroes like Kat and Becky. If you enjoy a good fantasy novel with strong female lead characters and a large dose of magic, then Imagine by author Jenna Greene is the book for you. Grab your copy today!

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Rating: 10/10

About the Author

Jenna Greene is the author of the acclaimed Young Adult   Fantasy series, Imagine!  She is a middle school teacher, dragonboat coach, enthusiastic dancer, and semi-professional napper. She lives in Lethbridge, Alberta with her husband (Scott), daughter (Olivia), and dog (Thor, dog of thunder).

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