Forbidden by F. Stone REVIEW

A shocking massacre. One witness. A complicated conspiracy.

This next incredible book I had the pleasure of reading is a high octane action-adventure story set in a future where the middle east has united under one nation, and one woman learns that the lines between friend and foe blur easily. This novel is called Forbidden by F. Stone and here is the synopsis:

Year 2047, City of Samarra, capital of the Republic of Islamic Provinces & Territories

Fifteen American travelers have vanished. Surrendering to Mayor Aamir’s demands, a devout Muslim and police captain becomes the reluctant keeper of his city’s bloody secret – and the witness, Eliza MacKay. Captain Sharif is horrified to discover that if he exposes the cover-up, his family will suffer dire consequences.

The CIA has the lying Sharif in their cross hairs. Sharif’s only hope is to prove his country’s government is free of guilt. Secretly, he hunts forensic evidence. Cryptic messages, backstabbing informants, and corruption threaten Sharif’s resolve to see justice served. When he discovers the shocking truth, he and MacKay become the targets of a ruthless killer.

Sharif is tortured by his attraction to the impetuous Eliza MacKay. In spite of her struggle with PTSD, he’s drawn to her vivacious personality. Islam forbids the intimacy he craves. In desperation to save Eliza, Sharif plots an act most forbidden and fatal.

This was a fantastic thriller! The story was incredibly unique, as we got an in-depth glance at the influence and power that the Muslim faith has on people. Not only that, we got to see how the religion is incorporated and infused into society as a whole, and the complications that arise in both social and political situations as a result of that faith. We also got an incredible cast of characters, venturing into the complicated lives of a police captain at war with a complicated conspiracy and with himself and his beliefs, as well as the tormented past of Canadian paramedic trapped in a country fraught with danger. The unlikely duo must look for clues to help save themselves and the captain’s family, who are put in the cross hairs of the conspirators in mysterious ways.

The story was well written, with little grammatical mistakes and an even paced narrative that made the story gripping and engaging. The cover promised intrigue and mystery, and the unique setting gives a glimpse into the world of the middle east respectively and showcases how every religion and nation is filled with complications and hardships.

Overall this was a fantastic read that fans of the thriller genre will not want to miss. Author F. Stone is a fantastic writer with a firm grasp on the genre, and the story ends in a way where you as the reader feels an overwhelming need to read yet another installment. If you haven’t yet, be sure to pick up your copy of F. Stone’s Forbidden today!

Rating: 10/10

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Anthony Avina, (Born March 1990), is an author, a journalist, and a blogger. Born in Southern California, he has battled through injuries, disabilities, moves back and forth across the country, and more, yet still maintains a creative voice that he hopes to use not only to entertain but to inspire hope in even the darkest situations. He writes short stories and novels in several genres, and is also a seasoned journalist for the online magazine, On Request Magazine, as well as the popular site TheGamer. Having grown up reading the books of Dean Koontz and Stephen King, they inspired him to write new and exciting stories that delved into the minds of richly developed characters. He constantly tries to write stories that have never been told before, and to paint a picture in your mind while you are reading the book, as if you could see every scene of the book as if it were a movie you were watching. His stories will get your imaginations working, and will also show that in spite of the most despairing and horrific situations, hope is never out of reach. He am always writing, and so there will never be a shortage of new stories for your reading pleasure.

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