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HEY DOORMAN: The 5th True Tales of an Uncommon Bouncer in Los Angeles (and the short film HUMOR) by Haji Outlaw

The acclaimed writer of The Eric Andre show Haji Outlaw (otherwise known as John P. Kildemm, has brought together a brand new entry in the acclaimed book series true tales of an uncommon bouncer in Los Angeles, as well as a fantastic short film titled HUMOR. Here is the synopsis for both:


The answers are a click away!!!

Acclaimed writer, Haji Outlaw, goes under his pen name of John P. Kildemm in the fifth installment of the hit Amazon short-read, Hey Doorman.

HUMOR: A deathly charismatic bear tells the unknown Russian tale of Humor Gredanko. The funniest boy in the history of time. From a brutal winter forest, to an erection, to ravenous boars, comes a darkly comedic story from Haji Outlaw. The acclaimed writer for The Eric Andre show and author of the bestselling amazon ebook series, Hey Doorman.

First off, the book was a fantastic new story that showcases the weird side of the LA bar scene. From idiots who have a problem with used socks to a modern commentary on the sexual assault allegations coming out of Hollywood, this book is an honest, brutal yet humorous look into the modern world and is told with a fresh voice that deserves to be heard.

Meanwhile, HUMOR was a truly unique and original film that was shot beautifully. The funny yet dark tale of Humor Gredanko is a twisted story from start to finish, and the narration and cinematic storytelling was what made this film shine. It’s definitely worth a watch if you are into dark comedies and truly artistic visuals.

Overall Haji Outlaw has brought 2017 to a resounding close. A 5th book filled with humorous and real tales from Los Angeles and a short film that is like no other, the acclaimed writer has done a marvelous job of capturing the modern world in both film and book formats, and if these are any indication then the names Haji Outlaw and John P. Kildemm should be imprinted on your brains as we head into 2018! Be sure to pick up your copies of this incredible book today and follow the author on his social media sites!


Book: 10/10
Film: 10/10

Facebook: @hs.outlaw
Twitter: @outlawhaji
Instagram: @outlawhaji

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Interview with Author Heather Beal

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into writing?

Writing children’s books wasn’t something I thought I would end up doing, but I find now that now that many of my previous life experiences really have helped prepare me to do just that. I retired from a 23-year military career a few years ago where I was very busy with operational planning and targeting. I have pursued and obtained multiple degrees, the latest in emergency management and I run a nonprofit, BLOCKS that helps prepare childcare for disaster.


Did you know that children spend an average of 33-35 hours a week in some sort of childcare arrangement? That’s a lot of time away from home. So, the odds of me being lucky enough to be there if something bad happened were pretty low. That thought doesn’t help me sleep at night. So, I started to ask, what could I do to fix that and increase the odds they came home safe?


I started looking around at what resources were available and realized there weren’t many available. There were a lot of books about the science behind natural disasters, but nothing written by authors trained in emergency management or designed to help teach kids what do to in the actual disaster itself.


2) What inspired you to write your book?

One stormy night I had to try and talk with my daughter (4 at the time) about how we might have to go into the basement later that evening because a tornado watch could turn into a warning. Well, needless to say, I did a really bad job ‘preparing’ her, and instead scared her. I knew that if I could introduce the topics before something happened, it would help her feel like she was more in control and maybe make it less scary. At the time we were watching a lot Daniel Tiger episodes at home, so the idea of combining song and story sort of naturally evolved. That was how I came up the idea of publishing children’s books that teaches preschool kids (through early elementary school) what to do if disaster strikes.  


3) What theme or message do you hope readers will take away from your book?

I hope that parents and caregivers see the value in teaching their children what to do rather than pretending it won’t happen. We teach our kids about crossing the street, stranger danger, etc. Our children get training on fire drills in daycare or in school, so why not teach them about other disasters? If they know what to do, they can help themselves and others.

4) What drew you into this particular genre?

My daughter is now in Kindergarten and my son is almost three. We read a lot of books at home and they learn a lot from those books as well as what they see and hear. If children learn these lessons now, the lessons become part of their culture. These lessons can become part of their ‘norm’ and can help them throughout their life. Who wouldn’t want to be part of that genre, right?


5) If you could sit down with any author in your genre, who would it be, what would you ask them and why?

My early research into this field found Julia Cook. She wrote The Ant Hill Disaster, which deals with finding the strength to return somewhere after something bad has happened. I would ask her how she got her message out. Her books help children deal with emotions and target specific behaviors. Writing the book is the easy part, but finding and building the audience that cares about your message and wants to help endorse it, is the hard part.


6) What social media site has been the most helpful in developing your readership?

Believe it or not, LinkedIn has been the best readership builder I have had to date. I have been building relationships with childcare providers and emergency managers for years with my nonprofit, and I have found the emergency manager community especially excited to see these books out there.


7) What advice would you give to aspiring or just starting authors out there?

Write the books and get them out there. It’s true that the book itself has little value unless people know about it, but don’t let fear of getting the word out prevent you from getting the book out. Look for creative ways to engage people and let them know of what you offer. It’s slow, and its going to be for a while, but you have to look at it like it’s a marathon, not a sprint, or you will get discouraged. When I get discouraged, I remind myself that while we often measure success by the number of books sold, in my case at least, if just one child remembers what to do when a tornado or an earthquake happens, and they are safer because of it, then I am a success. If just one child loves your story and learns something, you too will be a success.


8) What does the future hold in store for you? Any new books/projects on the horizon?

There are so many issues left to cover. Many disasters are geographically limited. For example, earthquakes are more likely in certain areas, as are volcanoes, but we owe our kids a chance to be prepared no matter what. I am leaning towards hurricane preparedness and flash floods for the next couple of books, but I am going to ask my readers for their thoughts and their priorities – so that may change.



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Uber Diva by Charles St. Anthony Review

Sometimes a quick read can be the best read. Rather than going through a few hundred pages of the same story, some authors chose to delve into a shorter narrative that gets the message across in fun new ways. One book that accomplished that this year was Uber Diva by Charles St. Anthony. The story is fun, humorous and informative for both anyone looking to become an Uber driver or passengers in an Uber. Here is the synopsis:

She’s sitting on a secret. The Uber Diva teaches drivers tricks of the trade while instructing passengers on how to avoid getting slapped with a 1 Star rating. Meet the freaks, learn the equipment, and see how this diva survived when a drunk driver T-Boned her car. Based on true rideshare experiences in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This was a fantastic read. Sitting at less than 100 pages, the combination memoir and how-to guide on all things ride-share does a great job of hitting some very real topics. Whether it’s the sad state of our country’s health insurance to the lack of manners or straight up politeness in our society, this book does a great job of calling out the ridiculous situations and behavior that can arise in general, let alone in the life of an Uber driver. It also does a great job of giving a first hand account of an Uber driver, from the strange passengers they pick up to the economic value of the job itself and the inner politics of the companies.

Overall this was a great read that anyone interested in the ride-share culture should get their hands on. A funny, honest and incredible read, author Charles St. Anthony does a wonderful job of bringing a real world and human quality to the culture. If you are going to buy any quick read books this holiday season, be sure to include author Charles St. Anthony’s Uber Diva today!

Uber Diva Jetson Style.png

Rating: 10/10

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Pretty Marys All in a Row by Gwendolyn Kiste Review

Legends of deadly ghosts and mythical entities have been around since the dawn of time. However there are several myths about various paranormal entities named Mary, and in author Gwendolyn Kiste’s book Pretty Marys All in a Row a new story about the infamous Marys arises, and it’s a whirlwind story that fans of horror and speculative fiction will love. Here’s the synopsis:

You’ll find her on a lonely highway, hitchhiking at midnight. She calls herself Rhee, but everyone else knows her by another name: Resurrection Mary. And when she’s transported home each night to a decrepit mansion on a lane to nowhere, she’s not alone.

In the antique mirror, call her name three times, and Bloody Mary will appear. Outside, wandering through a garden of poisonous flowers is Mistress Mary, Quite Contrary, a nursery rhyme come to gruesome life. Downstairs is another jump-rope rhyme—Mary Mack, forever conscripted to build her own coffin. And brooding in the corner with her horse skull is the restless Mari Lwyd.

They are the Marys, the embodiment of urban legend and what goes bump in the night. Every evening, they gather around the table and share nightmares like fine wine, savoring the flavors of those they’ve terrified.

But other than these brief moments together, the Marys are alone, haunting a solitary gloom that knows them better than they know themselves. That’s because they don’t remember who they were before—or even if there was a before. And worst of all, they don’t know how to escape this fate.

That is, until a moment of rage inspires Rhee to leap from the highway—and into the mirror with Bloody Mary. Suddenly, the Marys are learning how to move between their worlds, all while realizing how much stronger they are together.

But just when freedom is within their reach, something in the gloom fights back—something that isn’t ready to let them go. Now with her sisters in danger of slipping into the darkness, Rhee must unravel the mystery of who the Marys were before they were every child’s nightmare. And she’ll have to do it before what’s in the shadows comes to claim her for its own.

I have to say, this is one of my favorite reads of 2017. I love creative new takes on myths and legends, and this book had a fantastic use of a new spin on several legends. The friendship and sisterhood between the Marys, especially Bloody Mary and Resurrection Mary, was such a fantastic twist to the tale. Seeing these characters bond and become so much more than their dark haunted history is a breath of fresh air to the legends, and although this book was short, it had a big impact in such a short amount of time.

The writing was spectacular. The vivid imagery used was so creative and painted an incredible picture in my mind as I read it. The character’s were the definite highlight of the book, while the complex narrative told a unique story that brought a new light to the darkness surrounding these legendary characters.

Overall this was a wonderful story that you guys need to read. The characters alone are worth the purchase, but the incredible story and smart writing showcases the fantastic command author Gwendolyn Kiste has over the speculative fiction genre. If you haven’t yet, be sure to pick up your copies of Pretty Marys All in a Row today!

Rating: 10/10

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Tummy Rumble Quake by Heather L. Beal

Author Heather L. Beal has another hit children’s book in the book, Tummy Rumble Quake, a fun and education story that focuses on the danger and cause of earthquakes. Here’s the synopsis:

Lily and Niko Rabbit’s childcare class learns about the Great ShakeOut™ and about earthquakes. They learn what causes earthquakes and how an earthquake feels like shaking and sounds like a really loud tummy rumble. They practice the three safety steps of drop, cover, and hold on. At the end of the day they know how to be safe during an earthquake.

Reading this book is a great way for parents, childcare providers, and caregivers, to talk to toddlers and preschool children about earthquake safety in a non-frightening way. Children can easily relate with these characters and their story gives children the tools and information they need to help stay safe and be prepared should an earthquake happen.

What another fantastic children’s book from the author. Filled with beautiful artwork once more, the story does a great job of educating children on what causes earthquakes and how to stay safe in the event one occurs. It allows children to open their minds up and educate themselves on the way nature works and how our planet functions on a basic level. The comparisons made in the book will be sure to delight parents and children alike, and the writing is beautifully crafted to highlight the best of this genre.

Overall this was another great read in the children’s book genre. Filled with incredible imagery and a great cast of characters children will be able to relate to, parents will not want to miss this opportunity to educate their children in such a creative and fun way on earthquakes. It will keep them better prepared and will also delight them with the fantastic images. If you haven’t yet, but sure to pick up your copies of Tummy Rumble Quake by Heather L. Beal today!

Rating: 10/10

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Elephant Wind by Heather L. Beal

Author Heather L. Beal delights parents and children alike with her education and fun read, Elephant Wind. Here’s the synopsis:

Lily and Niko Rabbit’s childcare class is at the elementary school science fair when a tornado warning happens. They learn how a tornado looks like an elephant trunk and sounds like a train. They also learn where they can go to be safe. When they find out the tornado damaged a neighbor’s house, they come together to help in their own charming way.

Reading this book is a great way for parents, childcare providers, and caregivers, to talk to toddlers and preschool children about tornados in a non-scary way. Children can easily relate with these characters and their story gives children the tools and information they need to help stay safe should a tornado happen.

The beautiful artwork combined with the educational look at the dangers of tornadoes blend perfectly in this quick read. Parents will love the fun way the book teaches children about the natural disaster, utilizing an elephant to showcase what a tornado does. I also enjoyed seeing the students banding together to help those in need, giving children a lesson not only in how to handle a dangerous situation, but in helping their fellow man. The writing was fantastic, illustrating both literally and figuratively the life lessons children need in order to be prepared, and educating them for the future.

Overall this was a great children’s book! A quick paced yet well developed story filled with educational moments parents and children alike will love, this is a must read for any parent out there for their children, and it’s clear that the author has a firm command of this genre. If you haven’t yet be sure to pick up your copies of Elephant Wind by Heather L. Beal today!

Rating: 10/10

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State of Emergency by Mary Hallberg Review

A teen concert goes horribly awry when a shocking zombie virus is unleashed, and one teenage girl must lead her friends towards safety with only a pizza cutter as a weapon. Can the teens survive the zombie apocalypse? Find out in author Mary Hallberg’s State of Emergency. Here’s the synopsis:

17-year-old Dallas Langdon is fighting off zombies with a pizza cutter.

Dallas has always loved zombie movies. But when she catches a real live (erm, dead) musician eating a man’s intestines backstage after the show, she knows her movies have become a reality. And what do characters in zombie movies do? Seek shelter. Fortunately, Dallas’s eccentric uncle owns a farmhouse in Chattanooga, an eight hour drive from New Orleans. It’s on top of a steep mountain, surrounded by electric fences, and cut off from the worlds of the living and the dead.

Dallas’s parents, still safe at home, laugh at her idea over the phone. Her friends only agree to join her because it’s fall break and they could use a mini vacation anyway.

But then Dallas’s best friend is killed by a zombie horde when they’re attracted to her ringing cell phone. Civilians think their reanimated loved ones simply have the flu, leaving them alive (well, undead) and rapidly increasing the zombies ranks. And since minors can’t buy guns, Dallas’s only weapon is a giant industrial pizza cutter she swipes from a gas station. George A. Romero never mentioned anything like this. With one friend dead and no zombie survival guides to help her, Dallas and her friends must get to Chattanooga before joining the ranks of the undead themselves.

This was a quick yet action packed read. Think of it like the Walking Dead meets the Young Adult genre, and you’ll get an idea of what State of Emergency is all about. The book was very well written, with a memorable group of characters and a unique take on the zombie apocalypse narrative. What really drew me into the story was the fact that unlike most books or movies, the story focused on the beginning of the outbreak rather than a world already ravaged by the virus. It did an excellent job of showcasing how people react differently to the events of the novel. Some communities are oblivious to the virus, while others are ravaged by the horrors of the undead. It reminded me a little bit of Stephen King’s The Stand, which the first few hundred pages focused on the virus that left most of the world dead, (except this had way more zombies and less good vs. evil stories).

Overall this was a wonderful read. Full of a complicated narrative that explores the beginning of the zombie apocalypse from a teenagers point of view, the story is relatable and full of heart that fans of both zombie stories and YA fans will connect with instantly. This is a book not to miss, so be sure to pick up your copies of State of Emergency by Mary Hallberg today!

Rating: 9/10

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Blood of Kings, Power – Perversity – Redemption by Patrick Norton

An international race against time explodes onto the pages of an original illustrated thriller in author Patrick Norton’s book, Blood of Kings, Power – Perversity – Redemption. Here’s the official synopsis:

A thrilling story with an underlying humanistic message

In times past, the kings exercised power and dominion over their people. Thus, absolute monarchy controlled the destinies of the world for many centuries. At present, although there are still a few Royal Houses, the real power is exercised by the moguls, owners of the largest transnational companies, whose wealth exceeds any estimate. While the world is increasingly threatened by economic crises, terrorism, war, hunger, unemployment and poverty, they, unofficially, control the governments, because they are owners of almost everything, in all areas of the world economy. In Blood of Kings, Power – Perversity – Redemption, develops a tale of intrigue, suspense, action and adventure. A series of murders in different parts of the world has bewildered the authorities. No one knows what is happening, but someone is murdering magnates-billionaires. This series of crimes has led to a destabilization in the world economy, while the authorities still have no leads, and the murders continue to occur despite the high level of protection of the victims.

John Garrett, the only son of the first tycoon murdered, has in his possession “the key,” a high-tech electronic device that must be delivered in Paris, according to instructions that his father gave him before he died. The delivery is frustrated and he reaches an impasse. Motivated by the murder of his father, he decides to launch his own investigation. Who killed him? Why? What is this “key” for? ¿Why is it so important? To find the answers, he will have to go on a long and dangerous journey that will take him to many places in the world: Paris, Roussillon, Rome, New Orleans, Seattle, French Polynesia and Sweden, among others. Along this way, he will get to know Laura Koffmann, a daughter of one of the victims. The two will join forces to get the answers, even at the risk of their own lives. They will find many unexpected things and understand that nothing is what it seems; and that the future of the world will depend on their decisions, as well as the success of their actions.

This novel is profusely illustrated with 1,254 original illustrations in high quality 3D digital art that recreate the settings, characters and events narrated in the story. To show the full-screen images, the book is published in the format of a fixed-layout KF8, with vertical text and horizontal illustrations.

The novel is an incredible action thriller, filled with a unique story about secret organizations, murder and a race against the clock to change the world before it’s too late. Filled with action, romance and espionage, this was a fun read. Don’t let the page count fool you, the story was fast paced and flowed quickly, and featured an incredibly unique story telling device with the inclusion of original animated illustrations. The story was powerful and truly original to the genre, and a lot of fun to see flow off the pages.

The only small critique I have is the dialogue sometimes doesn’t flow organically at certain points, and I’d encourage the author to read through the exchanges between characters and make sure the conversations flow smoothly. Otherwise the story was well written and the international espionage world built by the author was incredibly rich and held vivid imagery that readers will not soon forget.

Overall this was a fun read that fans of the thriller genre will thoroughly enjoy. Filled with fully developed and complex characters, shocking twists and a complicated world where no one can be trusted, this was a great read that I highly recommend readers try out for themselves. If you haven’t yet be sure to pick up your copies of Blood of Kings, Power – Perversity – Redemption by Patrick Norton today!



Rating: 7/10

Author’s website:

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Interview with Author Anastasia Petrenko

1)   Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into writing?

It sounds trivial, but I have been writing since my childhood. At school and universities, I always had assignments to write essays, both fiction and non-fiction. That’s how writing came into my life and stayed there.


 2)   What inspired you to write your book?

Writing is my favorite way to construct my thoughts and express myself. A book is a great way to do so in a complete reconciled manner.

I used to suffer from chronic depression and was always dead set on finding a way out. I had many thoughts, approaches, and trials to make it happen. But because thoughts were floating in my head in a chaotic manner, I could never act upon them. I understood that if I cleared my head, I could make sense of what my common sense suggested me to do. I needed a systematic approach. I needed to keep my ideas noted. I needed to remind myself when I felt down that there were still light and happiness in the world. Writing was what helped me to do so.

I also observed other people who could easily fall in a state of despondency. Simple encouragements wouldn’t give consistent results. I believed that a book – a short straight to the point writing – would be a daily assistant they needed to keep them going and change their behavioral pattern from finding pain to having joys in everyday life.



3)   What theme or message do you hope readers will take away from your book?

The everyday life we are having is not boring because of routine and banality. It’s our attitude towards them that makes them unpleasant and meaningless.

But if we are aware, if we care about what we are doing and why, we can add colorful touches to that seem grey painting of everyday life. Words, music, pictures, people, and nature are irreplaceable sources of inspiration. In my book, Loving Ordinary Life, I explain how to use them to brighten up your life with very simple straightforward examples.


4)   What drew you into this particular genre?

It came naturally. I was trying to help myself, so it degenerated into a self-help book. Literally.



5)   If you could sit down with any other author in your genre and pick their brain, what would you ask them and why?

I would ask them, if what they wrote about they implemented in their lives and if it actually worked for them. How often do they practice what they say? How much do they believe themselves? Why do they think they are experts on the chosen subject? Why do they believe their books should exist? I would ask them to be honest with themselves answering these questions to bring clarity into the significance of their works.


6)   What social media site has been the most helpful in developing your readership?

I am not an active social media user, and that’s where I miss out many opportunities, I know. But to work properly with social media, I should dedicate much time to learn how to do it. I haven’t done it yet.
I believe Facebook is the place where I got some results by communicating with my network and groups dedicated to writing and publishing.



7)   What advice would you give to aspiring or just starting authors out there?

I would say – write. Put your fingers on a keyboard and start writing. Don’t wait for epiphany and inspiration. With writing will come practice to articulate your thoughts in a cohesive manner. Mastering this essential skill, you will be in your best shape when great ideas come to your mind.


8) What does the future hold in store for you? Any new books/projects on the horizon?

I have many ideas for books, both fiction and non-fiction. I already started writing short stories, consolidated by one problematic theme – relationship between man and woman. I also built a few universes in my head that I want to share with people, but I need clarity on where I would take a reader and what utility it would give him besides entertainment.  

For non-fiction, I will go deeper into a philosophy of human existence.