Pipeliner by Shawn HartjeĀ 

Sex, drugs and rock and roll. Every wannabe rock star has had this vision for their lives, but never was it more prominent than in the 90’s. For Jason Krabb, that dream dominated his small town Idaho life, as evidence by the coming of age tale Pipeliner by Shawn Hartje. Here is the synopsis: Description […]

How The Dark Tower by Stephen King Inspired My Writing

How The Dark Tower by Stephen King Inspired My Writing Hello there everyone! I wanted to start writing a series of posts describing how various books, authors, films, television shows, musicians, video games and even internet stars have influenced my writing in general, as well as the way they have influenced specific storylines within my […]

Daddy Dearest by Paul Southern REVIEW

Daddy Dearest by Paul Southern REVIEW A good writer knows when to live on the edge of their genre and push the boundaries, taking a story in directions the reader would never otherwise have known to go. That is exactly what happens in author Paul Southern’s novel, Daddy Dearest. Here’s the official synopsis: An estranged […]