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Outlast 2 Review Link!

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have written a review of the recently released game, Outlast 2, a survival horror game. It is on my secondary blog on Tumblr, so please go check it out and let me know what you think!



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Book Launch: Welcome to Nightmare Academy

Hello there everyone,

My name is Anthony Avina, and I am an author. I just wanted to share with you guys my new young adult novella, Welcome to Nightmare Academy, the first in the Nightmare Academy series. It follows a vampire girl named Francesca, who must navigate the treacherous halls of Nightmare Academy and learn it’s dark secrets, while also wrestling with secrets and feelings of her own. A mixture of paranormal romance, horror,
action/adventure and more, this novella is the first in a building series. It’s available for $1.99 on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo and more, and if you guys use the discount listed below on Smashwords, you can get the book for 50% off. I’ll list my website down below, where you can find all of this info. I hope you guys will check it out and share it if you enjoy the young adult genre, and if you guys do pick up
your copies, I hope you will help me out and leave a review. Thanks so much for your support, and I look forward to talking with you all about
this story.

Anthony Avina
Author, “Welcome to Nightmare Academy”
Book Launch Sale on Smashwords: (April 25th-30th) LL87V

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Letting Go: A Novel by Maria Thompson Corley Review

Letting Go: A Novel by Maria Thompson Corley Review

Rarely does a book capture the mind and heart in such a griping fashion as it does in Maria Thompson Corley’s Letting Go: A Novel. A book filled
with tragedy, heartbreak, passion and hope, this wonderful novel explores themes of racism, drug abuse, toxic relationships and how the events
of our childhood can shape who we are as people. Here is the official synopsis:

Louise Caiola, USA Today Bestselling Author of The Making of Nebraska Brown, called LETTING GO “a smart and sexy story that captures the raw
essence of love. Heartfelt, haunting, tender, tough and true.”

Even though she lives hundreds of miles away,
when Langston, who dreams of being a chef, meets Cecile, a Julliard-trained pianist, he is sure that his history of being a sidekick, instead
of a love interest, is finally over. Their connection is real and full of potential for a deeper bond, but the obstacles between them turn out
to be greater than distance. Can these busy, complicated people be ready for each other at the same time? Does it even matter? Before they can
answer these questions, each must do battle with the ultimate demon—fear.

Told in a witty combination of standard prose, letters, emails, and diary entries, LETTING GO, in the tradition of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s
AMERICANAH, is a long-distance love story that also examines race, religion, and the difficult choices we make following our passions. From the
Great White North to the streets of New York City to the beaches of Bermuda, LETTING GO is a journey of longing, betrayal, self-discovery and
hope you will never forget.

This book does a wonderful job of exploring the complicated process of growing up and experiencing life. Thoughtfully navigating the important
moments in a person’s life, from the loss of their virginity to leaving home to further their education and the sometimes painful process of
falling in love, (or in some people’s cases, difficulty falling in love). On a personal note, I found myself relating to the story of Cecile
especially. Without getting into spoiler territory, I have people close to me who I have witnessed going through similar relationship struggles
as Cecile, and this story really touched my heart and brought my emotions right to the surface, a feat books rarely accomplish for me.

One of the great things about this book is that the author, Maria Thompson Corley, is also a musician. One of the most ambitious and wonderful
things about this project is the classical music album that accompanies the book, and when combined together, it makes the story flow that
much more. Tracks such as Bach Fugue MASTER, Beethoven MM1 or Chopin MASTER help bring this book to life more.

The beautiful way this book is written, mixed with the important themes presented and the emotional impact of the characters, Letting Go: A Novel
is a wonderful read written by an amazing author who commands the written word with precision and grace. The story is culturally and emotionally
relevant to audiences of all ages. This is a thought provoking work of art, accompanied by beautifully played classical music that compliments
the book amazingly, and this is a book that deserves to be read. Be sure to pick up your copy of Letting Go: A Novel by Maria Thompson Corley

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Interview with M.N. Snow

1) Tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind The Helper.

     First of all, thanks for this opportunity to talk about my novel and writing in general.

      Now to your first question. I was mired in a low spot in my life. Despite my best efforts it wasn’t improving and it was stretching out for well over a year. So, of course, the idea kept coming to me that I needed help of some sort. And then I thought that wouldn’t it be nice if I could just be “made well.” And that led to the idea that wouldn’t it be cool to be someone who had the ability to “make someone well.” And that led to the idea of what it would be like to have that power and then lose it.

      And, of course, there were a million other thoughts that all float through and coalesce to make an idea. It’s like the old saw: It takes twenty years to be discovered overnight. Well, for me, it also takes a million different thoughts, over a period of who knows how long, to suddenly add up to a poof-in-one-moment, there-it-is IDEA.

2) How did you come up with the concept of “helping”?

      I, like almost all people, have had difficult periods in my life. Sometimes those periods were emotional or mental in nature, sometimes there were physical, and sometimes a combination of the two or three. And often there have been certain people who have been instrumental in helping me through those tough times. Sometimes these people were (mental) health professionals, sometimes spiritual advisers, often just a close, understanding friend, maybe even a stranger. In each case it seemed as if there was no way out of these situations, yet I came through them. And maybe there was a “coincidental” nature to some of the help I received that was hard to explain.

      So the idea of “Helping,” and “Helpers,” that I used in my novel is really just a metaphor that came out of being helped out of those situations that I mentioned above. And I’m sure there have been situations where I helped someone else out a bit too. While the “Helping” I describe in my book has a “magical realism” spin to it, it isn’t really that many degrees of separation from what we’ve all experienced in real life. Maybe NO degrees of separation. Who knows about these things?

3) Which character did you relate to or connect with the most when you were writing the book?

      Easy answer. That would be Dusty. As soon as he appeared it made some of the writing fun, which is rare for me. A smart-aleck, no filters kind of guy allows me to write in that manner and I enjoyed that. That’s not to say that Dusty is me. He isn’t, although like other characters there are parts of me in him, or vice versa.

4) What do you enjoy more when writing: developing plot or creating characters?

      Singing! Ha! Seriously…singing! Lol. What I enjoy is coming up with initial story ideas and also spending time thinking about what characters will inhabit any particular story.

      After that it’s all work, because then comes the writing, which is effort and I don’t particularly enjoy it, and I put it off as long as I possibly can. (Gripe, gripe, gripe, huh?! I’m really not complaining, I’m just explaining how it works for me.)

      I’m an ideas guys more than an actually do it kind of a guy! I’m a better starter than a finisher, but even I was able to push through and write a book. That is meant to be, and should be, hope for any potential writer who is reading this. You want to be a writer? Write. It’s as simple and/or as difficult as that. Once you’ve committed word to paper, PC, etc, you are by definition a writer.

      Now, how to be a successful writer? Well, if we could bottle that what a sweeter world this would be. That, however, and in my opinion, is lightning in a bottle. But you need to write first to even have a shot at lightning in a bottle. After that it’s just wait and see for any of us. I’ll hasten to add that I’m still here “waitin’ and seein’” along with everybody else.

5) In this digital age, what has been the most helpful social media site to connect with readers?

      Reviewers/bloggers, such as yourself are very helpful. (Thank you very much, by the way) A Facebook presence and Facebook promotion has been a good tool. And Amazon reviews are quite helpful as well.

      That’s something that I think we all need to remind readers of more often. If a reader really enjoys a book, a short review on Amazon or CreateSpace or Goodreads helps a lot, and in a variety of ways. It helps other readers connect with what could be an enjoyable read for them, and it also helps the author, especially a self-published author, spread the word about their work. Plus, it doesn’t take all that much time.

      So, after you finish reading this, I invite you to head over to Amazon and write a review about a book you’ve really enjoyed, whether it be my book or someone else’s.

6) After the release of The Helper, what are your future plans? Any other books in the works?

      I have two other novels that I’ve started and stopped. One is at a complete dead-end. I don’t have a clue where to go with that one. The other needs an outline and then I need to sit my behind down and start writing. The Helper wasn’t written with an outline but this latest novel that I’ve started is too complex for me to just write blindly to see where it goes. I’m ten-thousand words in and finally realize that I just can’t just wander with this one—I need some direction.

      I have ideas for two or three other novels that I may or may not get to. I also have five or ten short stories that I should start and/or finish. Writing can be pulling teeth for me. I’d much rather sing! But, as we used to say in the Marine Corps, “How does it feel to want?!!!” Or, “Small price to pay to be one of the world’s finest!”

      Thanks again, Anthony, for this opportunity to talk about my book and writing.

      M. N. SNow

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Your One Word by Evan Carmichael Book Review

Your One Word by Evan Carmichael Book Review

In author Evan Carmichael’s sensational book, Your One Word, readers are tasked with asking themselves one question: what is your one word? In
this guide to building a successful brand, the author challenges us to look deep within ourselves and determine what one word defines us as
people and our mission with our jobs/company/dreams/etc. Here is the official synopsis:

In this bold and empowering guide, entrepreneur and social media sensation Evan Carmichael shares the secret to turbo-charging your path to
success on your own terms. With thought-provoking questions and inspiring , instructive examples, Your One Word will help you nail down your
personal mottos – the word that captures your purpose and passion. With this operating philosophy in hand, you will then learn how to leverage
this powerful tool to create the business and future of your dreams.

Aimed at entrepreneurs as well as intrapreneurs, managers, and anyone else who wants to achieve success in a powerfully meaningful way, Your
One Word more than just a useful tool. It’s also an inspiring and enlightening read.

This is a fantastic guide on how companies and individuals should build their brand. It showcases in depth that it’s not about how much money you
can make, but about what makes you happy and what kind of message you want to send with your brand to those who support you. Using some great
stories from successful companies such as Ben and Jerry’s, The Honest Company, Apple and more, this guide goes step by step on finding your one
word, applying it to your brand, building a team or company around your one word, knowing who your opposition will be and more.

It’s a wonderfully written book that will help people, from the young upstart looking to make a name for themselves to the giant corporations
looking to refresh and reestablish their brands. It’s insightful, inspirational and a must read for any entrepreneurs or creators out there looking
to establish their brand identity with that important one word in your life. Be sure to pick up your copies of Evan Carmichael’s Your One Word

Video Review: