Tips to Improve Writing


1) Read. Reading other’s work or your own work is a great way to find inspiration.

2) Vent out your feelings and make it poetic after. It’s easier to write eloquently when you already know what you want to say.

3) Write often. Sometimes poorly written pieces give you inspiration for better ones. Never feel like you’re obligated to post your writing if you don’t want to.

4) Read “classical” poetry as much as modern. Poets like Poe and Bukowski offer different perspectives than what you may often find on Tumblr. Not that either is better than the other- but seeing writing in new light is always beneficial.

5) Appreciate classical works in general and draw inspiration from their diction.

6) If you’re not feeling inspired after everything, write anyway. It helps. Pick three random words and try to write a poem with them. Look up creative writing prompts. Even if it’s writing about your breakfast in a painfully metaphorical sense, it’s writing.

7) Write about things you haven’t experienced. Sometimes it’s interesting and mind-opening (within respectful reason of course). For example, write about going to space, or falling in love if you never have.

I’m not an author/professor/etc., but these are just some things that help me write.

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About authoranthonyavinablog

Anthony Avina, (Born March 1990), is an author, a journalist, and a blogger. Born in Southern California, he has battled through injuries, disabilities, moves back and forth across the country, and more, yet still maintains a creative voice that he hopes to use not only to entertain but to inspire hope in even the darkest situations. He writes short stories and novels in several genres, and is also a seasoned journalist for the online magazine, On Request Magazine, as well as the popular site TheGamer. Having grown up reading the books of Dean Koontz and Stephen King, they inspired him to write new and exciting stories that delved into the minds of richly developed characters. He constantly tries to write stories that have never been told before, and to paint a picture in your mind while you are reading the book, as if you could see every scene of the book as if it were a movie you were watching. His stories will get your imaginations working, and will also show that in spite of the most despairing and horrific situations, hope is never out of reach. He am always writing, and so there will never be a shortage of new stories for your reading pleasure.

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