Lesbian Zombies From Outer Space by Jave Galt-Miller

This was given to me by the author for a fair and honest review. NSFW!

As you can probably tell from the title, this was definitely not a book that normally falls within my wheelhouse. While described as a horror
comedy, Lesbian Zombies From Outer Space by Jave Galt-Miller definitely pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone, and yet I found myself open
to the possibilities of a comedic take on the horror genre, and seeing as this was my first graphic novel, I jumped at the chance to give this
a review. Here is they synopsis:

Get volume #1 of the NSFW zom-com horror series where flawed male fantasy becomes a nightmare! Includes Issues 1-4, each with the original cover,
as well as the R-rated Sexy Variant cover.

Ace just wants to film his buddy’s threesome, but suddenly all the girls in town are transforming into lesbian zombies. And these girls are not
looking for brains. He’ll have to team with an unlikely friend to run for his life and stop the funniest, sexiest apocalypse you’ve ever seen.

122 pages of full-color nudity and violence make this an ADULTS ONLY horror comic.

Sometimes when Hot Girls make out – it’s Evil!

The the hijinks of Ace and the survivors of this zombie outbreak were definitely humorous, what really struck me was the way this series has
highlighted the often ridiculous male fantasies that they dream up, as well as the stupid stereotypes that the lesbian community is often labeled
with. The story does a great job of bringing these issues to light, while also touching on the horror genre often explored in cheesy, B-movie
80’s films.

The artwork is wonderfully drawn, and the story conjures up images of a mix of various 80’s films, as if Weird Science and The Evil Dead were
combined into one giant film. While I would recommend this to my adult readers out there, I think it is a great addition to the horror comedy
genre, and so I hope you guys will pick up Vol 1 (Issues #1-4) of Lesbian Zombies From Outer Space by Jave Galt-Miller today!

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