One-Hour Fall Finale Airing on a Special Night: Sunday, Jan. 1 (8:30-9:30 PM ET/PT.)

On this special one-hour fall finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, we get to see a whole lot of action mixed in with plenty of humor as well as one shocking moment that will leave us all saying, “Did that really just happen?“  But before we get into the ending, let’s start at the beginning.

A manhunt ensues when a prison van overturns and a mass of convicts emerge from said van into the streets of Brooklyn.  Matters only get worse when their only key witness is former NFL running back Marshawn Lynch (guest-starring as himself) who doesn’t seem to have actually seen anything.  That doesn’t stop Captain Holt and Rosa, who is a massive fan of his, from interrogating them, though.  And let’s just say, they definitely get an ear-full. 

Meanwhile, Jake and Amy decide to make a bet on who can bring in the most escaped convicts.  The prize?  Whoever wins gets to keep their apartment while the loser moves in with them.  So with Jake teamed with Terry, and Amy teamed with Charles, it makes for an exciting race to see who will take home the prize.

Then, in part 2 of this epic finale, there’s only one fugitive still on the loose, so Jake must enlist an ally that no one saw coming: The Pontiac Bandit aka Doug Judy.  He just so happens to be the former foster brother of the last convict and may know his whereabouts. 

Back at the precinct, Charles becomes furious when he finds out he’s the only one in the squad left out of the group texts.  He soon finds out that it’s because he’s a mass texter and never knows how to keep it short and simple.  So Gina and Amy must teach him how to cut back on the texting so he can remain in their group texts.

Now back to the chase for the final convict.  The alliance between Jake and Doug makes them quickly form a friendship that more than annoys Captain Holt and has him questioning if Jake is being too leanient on his new friend, who has committed over 600 crimes.  So he inserts himself into the case to keep an eye on things and to help track down this ruthless criminal.

This fall finale was great in a lot of ways, and was one of the more action-packed episodes in a while.  I loved seeing them have a throwback to the days of Jake and Amy’s bets, as well as being on the edge of my seat to see if The Pontiac Bandit will truly be there just to help Jake or if he actually has ulterior motives.  I think everyone will more than enjoy this finale, but whatever you do, make sure you watch until the very. last. second. 

Here are some things to look forward to in the special one-hour fall finale:

  • Marshawn Lynch’s thoughts on quesadillas
  • Gina’s newfound positive attitude
  • The end result of Jake and Amy’s bet
  • Charles’ incessant texting
  • Gertie’s return
  • Doug Judy and Jake’s theme song

Don’t miss the one-hour fall finale episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine airing

on a special night, Sunday, Jan. 1 (8:30-9:30 PM ET/PT), on FOX.

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