Star Wars: Dark Disciples by Christine Golden Book Review One of the most complicated love stories ever told in the Star Wars universe! Let me start off by stating the obvious: I’m a huge Star Wars fan. No, I can’t speak Wookie or list the entire history of the Republic, but I dolove the story […]

Had such a blast yesterday at @stanleecomiccon and can’t wait to go next year already! Amazing #cosplay great panels and awesome booths at the #lacomiccon this year! Did Amy of you guys attend? Tag me in your photos from the event and tell me what your favorite part of your weekend was! #comiccon #stanlee (at […]

One of my favorite parts of the day was watching the @strangerthingstv panel @stanleecomiccon with @shannonpurser who was amazing and so down to earth. It was great listening to her speak about Barb and the impact of the show. #lacomiccon2016 #lacomiccon #justiceforbarb #barbstrangerthings #strangerthings (at Comikaze Expo@ The L.A. Convention Center)

How do you like my incredible posing skills in this photo? Lol this was one of my favorite shots of the day as I came face to face with the #xenomorph at @stanleecomiccon today… #lacomiccon #hollywoodscifimuseum #aliens #lacomiccon2016 (at Comikaze Expo@ The L.A. Convention Center)

Had such a blast today at @stanleecomiccon and I’ll be posting a lot of photos, but I will say it was really funny but also frustrating to run into these protestors at the convention, yelling that we were going to hell for reading comics. These conventions are meant to be an escape for a lot […]

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