DC Comics Rebirth #1 Review:

One of the most intricate storylines to be introduced to the great DC comics mythology has got to be DC Comics Rebirth. In issue #1, written by
Geoff Johns, showcases a deep plot that explains a lot of the rewrites and storylines that have been written since the incredible Flashpoint
storyline. Focusing on a time and reality displaced Wally West, who is on the verge of being absorbed into the speed force, the issue showcases
both past and present storylines and shows that after the events of Flashpoint, before time could right itself, an all-powerful being took
10 years away from the heroes, destroying relationships and removing legends and heroes altogether. Wally is the only one who remembers the
original timeline, and he must race to find someone who can bring him out of the speed force before he dies, for it’s not only his life on the
line, but the entire multiverse as this being still looms large as a threat to the heroes.

Now the twists and turns in this story were absolutely amazing. The emotional core that comes with Wally’s story and his struggle to save his
universe and correct what’s been broken makes the issue all worthwhile, and the big twist that comes with the revelation of a new power in the
multiverse makes this an unforgettable issue. Both longtime and new fans of DC Comics will feel a strong connection to this new storyline, and
the future looks bright with one of the most creative comic books in recent history. Geoff Johns did a wonderful job writing this story and if
this is any indication of what the coming story will entail, fans are in for a big treat. Be sure to tune into the latest developments with
DC Comics Rebirth in the months to come!


Curse of the Sphinx by Raye Wagner

mythology has never been more alive than in Raye Wagner’s Curse of the
Sphinx, the first in her Sphinx series. In this incredible YA novel,
young girl named Hope Nicholas has spent her entire life on the run. No
one knows she even exists, and that’s a good thing. Living under the
threat of being hunted, she and her mother have moved from town to
town, never staying long enough to make any sort of connection or
down roots. However, soon Hope’s mother is tragically ripped away from
her, and she’s left orphaned and alone. Is this the fulfillment of
curse, the work of shadow monsters from the Underworld, or have
demigods finally found her? That’s the mystery that presents itself
Hope as the reader must follow a young girl who’s struck by tragedy and
must navigate a deadly world where she can’t trust anyone but herself.

to see mythology come to life like this was a real treat when reading
this book. Raye Wagner writes with a fresh and invigorating voice
navigating the lines between the fictional world she created and the
real hardships of loss and independence young teens go through. It
incredible to see the legends and lore from Greek mythology get
incorporated into this fiction world by making them well known and real
gods and creatures that humanity believes in wholeheartedly. Overall,
the incredible story and look at what makes a monster and what
makes a
hero are amazing to see unfold, and if this book is any indication, the
Sphinx series is one that is not to be missed. Raye Wagner is a
shining star in the YA genre and this reviewer cannot wait to see more from her in the future.