Resthaven by Erik Therme:

The struggles of the teenage years mix with heart pounding terror in this 2016 Kindle Scout Winner by author Erik Therme, titled Resthaven.

In this thriller, young Kaylee finds herself forced into a childish game when she meets up with a group of girls in the new town she recently moved to. When the girls are taken to an abandoned retirement home to take part in a scavenger hunt, Kaylee soon discovers a bruised young boy in the building, but when she tries to lead him to safety, she discovers the doors are locked and her friends are nowhere to be found. Soon she’ll learn that there are real terrors in the world, and ghosts are the least of her worries in this night of scares and tears.

The blend of YA character development and adult thriller plot line are a perfect combination in this novel. It does a wonderful job of highlighting some of the very real life struggles young teens go through while also giving a much needed boost of female driven story in a genre filled with male driven action by making the majority of the characters female, including an amazingly strong female protagonist like Kaylee. Overall this is a fantastic novel that bridges the gap between YA and adult fiction and showcases the immense talent of breakout author Erik Therme. Be sure to pick up your copy of Resthaven today!

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