The Girl Who Couldn’t Come Up With An Original Title by The Berhg

**Trigger Warning**Please note this book features themes around suicide and depression.**

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from the author and Booklover Catlady Publicity in return for a fair and honest review.
Many thanks!

It’s rare that a short story will come along that pacts just as much of an impact as a full blown novel, and yet that’s what has happened in
The Berhg’s “The Girl Who Couldn’t Come Up With An Original Title. Playing on the overuse of the "Girl” titles, this short story is filled with
fantastic imagery and emotional stakes that are unequal in measure. Following the titular Girl as she traverses a realm of untold possibilities
known as The Lines. With a dark story that weaves through the lines of life and death, this is an incredibly powerful tale that showcases an
important message.

The Berhg is a fairly new author, with a couple of novels under his belt, and yet this short story really proves he has the right stuff, as
the creative and emotional impact the author has in this story shines in every word and every line. The subject matter is incredibly important,
and what’s really amazing is reading about the deeper connection the author shares with the same subject matter. I think it’s something a lot
of people will be able to identify with, and on top of that emotional core to the tale, the narrative plays out like a Gothic horror story,
with some vivid imagery that cannot be replicated and easily paints a picture in ones mind. Overall, this was a phenomenal read and this reviewer
looks forward to reading more from The Berhg in the future. Be sure to pick up your copies of The Girl Who Couldn’t Come Up With An Original Title

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