Tales From The Shadowhunter Academy: (1-10) By Cassandra Clare

The story of everyone’s favorite former vampire and hero, Simon Lewis, continues in a collection of ten short stories from Cassandra Clare and
other amazing YA authors. The collection, titled Tales From Shadowhunter Academy, follows Simon as he travels to the famed Shadowhunter Academy,
recently reopened to train hopeful shadowhunters after the losses they recently had to endure in the recent wars. In an effort to remember the
boy he once was and become something more, Simon agrees to train, and faces the challenges that come with it, from the social classes that
divide the students, to the stress of trying to live up to a person he doesn’t remember being, to the demons and other creatures they have to
face while training. Throughout these ten stories, not only will fans be able to see the story of Simon Lewis continue, but will get a glimpse
into the vast history of the Shadowhunters and Downworlders, from the tales of Tessa Gray and the London Institute, to the early days of Valentine
and the Circle and more.

These stories are incredible pieces of fiction that will make everyone glad to see their favorite characters continue to grow and evolve in the
story, and while the focus is rightfully on Simon, everyone’s favorites from the original books make their presence known. Getting to know
some of the characters in the coming Lady Midnight book and the children who will make up the new generation of shadowhunters makes for a fun
read, and the vast history that is written and explored in just 40 pages a story is just amazing, and makes this reader believe that this world
is so open and great that the number of stories Cassandra Clare and other authors could tell is limitless. If you haven’t yet, read these incredible
stories today, and be glad that you did, because they are sure to be a big help when you read Lady Midnight, which this writer is set to do next.
The shadowhunter world is addictive to read, and one I never want to stop exploring.

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